Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Exclusive US Debut Trailer

This summer the world of Final Fantasy rumbles in a battle royale.

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N4Sony3519d ago

Awesomeness, but August 30? Really Gametrailers? That long?

meepmoopmeep3519d ago

i can't wait to finally play the Eng. version
sucks to not understand what the smurf they're talking about.

i thnk i'll keep this JPN version though for nostalgic reasons
(my first import ever)

Da One3518d ago

It's June/July SE of America already said that the date gamestop listed was wrong(gamestop has it listed as Aug 30)

and if it is Aug. 30 wait for SE to announce it as such

skip2mylou3518d ago

Old trailer but u guys will definetly want this game. i swear i was playing it for 5 months straight if u didnt relize i have the JPN version.

DNAgent3518d ago

Nah. I don't want the game if it's by Square-Enix. If I wanted to play a mediocre game then I would choose something like Too Human or a handful of other games in the 360s gaming library.

Gun_Senshi3518d ago

Its just a fighting game I imported it.

Any request for upload of any Dissidia Vids I will do.

Superduper093518d ago

That was an awesome trailer :)

jkoz3518d ago

I'm going to politely disagree. There was nothing new about this trailer except the English text. There was a staggering lack of sound effects during the trailer too, except at the very end. My guess is there was a Japanese dub-over and they were too lazy to find the version with SFX and no voiceover to put in an English one, so they just said screw it and put in an audio track. Lackluster, but I will be getting this game regardless when it releases this summer.