Madden 2010 To Be Forced Into A New Gimmick?

"I was just browsing the web when I stumbled across the first image of Madden 2010. It got me wondering, what could EA possibly have in store for this year's edition of the famed football franchise?"

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Nikkelz3516d ago

start selling the updated rosters for one
and for two,they should patch the game with extra animations and graphical tweaks rather than selling us a "new" madden every year,i love madden 09,but there could been things that were done better like,KEEPING THE BROADCAST CAMERA!!,seriously how lame is it to overhaul the series and remove broadcast cam,i rather enjoy watching the the computer play,so with that said they should just update the rosters and enhance the animation and graphics,offer it as DLC sell it for lets say 19.99 slap a madden 10 logo on it and market it as an update for madden 09,to coincide with the upcoming season,im sooo tired of them charging me for "new" when its really "refurbished".

peace and game on

labaronx3516d ago

Id also Include extra trophy and achievement support. 19 bucks would be awesome.

This is a prime example of what happens when one company is allowed to make one product..

odisho683516d ago

sucks cuz i'm going to buy it...jay cutler and orlando pace on the bears?? I can't afford to miss that even if it is still the same game...BRING BACK 2K!!!

Mao263516d ago

lol im buying it because of the bears too cant wait to play online with the bears when they are a good team

kenmid3516d ago

lol, its funny how we here this every year that madden should just update the roster. What yal can't understand that its all about the money. Like it or hate it, Madden will sell very well across all platforms. Most of the people who say they should just update roster don't even play the game. There are too many hardcore madden players playing one of the greatest game frachise ever. So, this will never happen.

voice_of_ reason3516d ago

What I really hate about Madden is how there are so many little glitches that they haven't fixed in years... the ball phasing through people, people are like magnets (especially blockers), the ball floats above the QBs hand before while throwing, etc. These things all combined make it not that fun to play. I still hope Backbreaker comes out sometime this year.

manwich253516d ago

The Chiefs will own Madden 2010

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