IGN: Brutal Legend Preview

Tim Schafer's had some rough luck since leaving LucasArts to start his own company. Double Fine's first game, Psychonauts, was kicked to the curb by Microsoft (likely due to some late night drunken decision by a shady executive with a hate for inventive games). It later found a home at Majesco, was released at a bargain price and got critical acclaim only to receive little attention from consumers.

Double Fine's second game, Brutal Legend, was to be published by Sierra with the promise that oodles of marketing money would be put behind the game to make sure the masses were exposed to Schafer's genius. Activision and Blizzard (which includes Sierra Games) merged one night in a Vegas chapel and, once again, Double Fine was tossed on its fanny. But it looks like this story has a happy ending. Brutal Legend has been picked up by EA and it will, in fact, melt your face off.

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