Spawn Kill Review: Burn Zombie Burn!

At first glance, Burn, Zombie, Burn! looks a bit unassuming. The visual of style of the game smacks of zombie horror flicks and fifties-era futuristic gadgetry, and the control is akin to directional shooters. While zombie games are by no stretch of the imagination a rare video game attribute, the visual and play style of Burn, Zombie, Burn! is something unique and refreshing.

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tigresa3543d ago

So many zombie games lately! Nice to see Sony got a <good> exclusive though finally, even if it's a PSN title. (For now?)

Johnny Rotten3543d ago

I think this is the first arcade type game I've played that has this many stats and unlockables. The controls are different but suit the game well and the trophies are very rewarding, overall it's worth the money if your into zombies!