Team Teabag: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

Weapons of Fate is a cover-shooter, meaning that you'll be moving from point to point, hosing down legions of masked gunmen and hiding every time the screen turns a funny grey colour. It does, however, move at a blistering pace, particularly because you can leap from points of cover with a single button press whilst laying down surpressing fire, allowing you to keep moving under fire. Wanted's main feature is that you have the ability to curve bullets, letting you to take out your cover hugging foes with ease, often getting a funky little cinematic that tracks the bullet into his face. You also get some obligatory bullet-time mechanic thrown in too, both as an in game power and in on-rails sections where you'll be shooting bullets out of the air. As for looks, well it's nothing special but not really bad for what it is, although there are times when the lens flare makes it impossible to see whats going on around you. The enemies look very much the same throughout and there are some pre-rendered cut scenes that look really shoddy.

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