Bioshock 2 Multi: Would you Kindly Leave it Out?

The Game Vine's Jim McIntyre and Lee Edgerton discuss Bioshock 2's Multiplayer.

"We here at TGV are very excited about a lot of upcoming releases, but none more so than Bioshock 2. With information very slowly trickling out Jim and Lee (Sith Lord Jim & Dark Armada) sat down to discuss their thoughts on Bioshock 2's multiplayer."

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Hunter863519d ago

Good read! I for one am looking forward to whatever Bioshock 2's multiplayer may be.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33519d ago

Sure, if they can make a decent MP, I would say go for it, but all too often that isn't the case. All too often dev. shoehorn in features to a game that aren't necessary in a hollow attempt to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Personally, I think that the fact they are pretty much forced to include MP into Bioshock2 is a sad statement on our gaming culure. The last Bioshock was a masterpiece in its own right - it didn't need a MP, and I could hardly see how a MP would really enhance this game. The gameplay mechanics simply aren't suited for it.

If the devs. had included a multiplayer in Bioshock it obviously would have sold better than it did. Instead, lesser quality games put up similar sales figures, putting pressure on the sequel to include these features as well.

This is an alarming trend in game dev. today. Because dev. are trying to sell the game on features instead of core gameplay alone, quality suffers. Games today are becoming carbon copies of each other, and quality is suffering. Just look at how many games are trying to make a "zombie mode"

I don't know about you guys, but I would rather take a solid single player than a bunch of half-baked game modes. This is why I applaud KZ2 for not needlessly including a co-op. The game simply wouldn't flow right.

Bnet3433519d ago

BioShock is too slow paced.

leeeeed3519d ago

That DarkArmada fellow reads like he's so awesome...

But seriously, as long as it's done well, B2 should have some solid MP.

Immortal Kaim3519d ago

I am actually dead against Multi in Bioshock, not because I think it may be bad as such, but for what it represents...

Can't we have a single player only game for those who want to be totally enveloped in the story? Any resources that get taken away from the main game is a bad move in my opinion.

Superfragilistic3519d ago

Agreed. Watch 2K rip the heart out of the franchise this Summer!

leeeeed3519d ago

I think MP will work, but I believe it's going to be executed so much better on the Microsoft platform. XboxLIVE will do wonders for the title and I honestly believe that, although it would work on PSN, XBL will provide a far better online experience

Hunter863519d ago

Nah I tend to think anything more bioshock will be a good thing. Its just more of the Bioshock universe that we all know and love. As long as it is something different rather than just a bland lackluster tacked on mode, it should be fantastic.

iHEARTboobs3519d ago

Care to elaborate on why you feel that way?

thereapersson3519d ago

How about taking that to the open zone?

leeeeed3519d ago

I find it quite funny that the discussion of anything biased towards PS3 is applauded on this site, but the second something quoting anything NOT Playstation as being a positive - it's the end of N4G as we know it...

I wouldn't even waste my time continuing a conversation around this in the open zone, it would just be a chance for PS3 boys to have their little chance to firm up their e-peen against someone who doesn't agree with them.

thereapersson3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

And actually I don't approve of the rampant fanboyism in the gamer zone. I find it annoying when PS3 fanboys give legitimate fans of the console a bad name, and it also annoys me when fanboys complain about trolls invading their favorite section of the site, only to turn right around and exhibit the same behavior. There are some days where I don't even bother visiting N4G because I know that there's going to be some sort of sensationalist bullsh1t that does nothing but attract fanboys with an itchy trigger finger.

leeeeed3519d ago

I'll use my last bubble because hopefully I can explain myself and tell you that I have clicked "agree" on your post :)

I only believe that it would be a better experience on the Xbox 360 and Xboxlive due to the end to end solution that is XBL. The ability to join with my friends - jump in and out of games of a Multiplayer mode of Bioshock etc etc.

I know that the features of XBL and PSN are practically identical, I just like how XBL is a continuous experience the whole way through, not just a combination of different developer run experiences.

I understand that that's nitpicking at it's grandest, but that's be rationalising what I said. Also, I don't believe PSN sucks at all, I just think it's something different that I don't enjoy or appreciate as much as I do XBL. :D

Also - I'm sorry to get my back up. N4G is an amazing concept, when I'm not getting bashed in the face with "ZOMG, Killzone 2 > all other puzzle games" type statements... (Understanding that it isn't, but you know what I mean).

thereapersson3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Have a bubble!

I actually agree that PSN still has a few features that aren't like what XBL offers. However, the good thing is that Sony (despite people who spin it by saying they're playing catch up) is always adding new, free features to enhance the experience. It kind of sucks for Sony because of how Microsoft has basically put a patent on the way they do things, so it makes Sony have to work extra hard to find a way to get features on the PS3 that can compare. I mean, patenting in-game soundtracks? That's just lame, heh...

Really, I don't mind it at all. It's kind of nice when I go sit down and log-in to the PSN, only to find out that new features have been added to the console that I didn't even expect.

FragMnTagM3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

comments (thereapersson, sticky_date) for being some of the only people on here that talk like sensible human beings. I will give you both a bubble just for a holding an intelligent discussion. I have never tried to be a fanboy, look at my comments, but somehow I lose bubbles on this site for nothing. I appreciate that there are still some people on here that can get along even though they have different tastes.

P.S. on topic, MP could be awesome if they did it right. Have it set up in a level like the level design from the first. Put like four splicers together that look for other team (four big daddies). The splicers could pick up plasmids along the way to power up but there would have to be a limit. Like two different plasmids per splicer. The objective for the splicers would be to take down the big daddies/harvest little sisters. Big daddys objective would be to kill splicers/protect little sisters. Both sides would respawn like they did in number one (viatchamber was it?) and the score would be Adam vs Big daddy splicer kills. Or have a 2 splicers against a big daddy in a small area. If done right, this could be some pretty decent multiplayer mayhem.

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Godem3519d ago

Hell Yes, couldn't agree more!

SuperKlue3519d ago

I think multi for Bioshock could very well be the refreshing experience everyone wants from an FPS these days.... if they do it right.

FragMnTagM3519d ago

Here's to hoping they get it right.

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