Killzone 2: The Best Shooter Of The Year

As we look ahead into the distant and also the not so distant future of gaming, there really isn't any known shooters that seem to be offering the same technological advances that Guerrilla Games has offered with their PS3 exclusive, KILLZONE 2. Despite Modern Warfare 2 being confirmed as a 2009 title and Gears of War 3 hopefully making an appearance in 2009 it appears Sony has the corner on the console market in terms of raw power and flexibility.

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Chapulin3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I hope Modern Warfare 2 will be better but, I don't think it will surpass Killzone 2.

majorsuave3516d ago

I don't doubt it's a solid contender but...
Modern Warfare 2 might rape everything once again.

And then, there are 3 Battlefield titles, Heroes, BC2 and I can't wait for BF1943.
Alos there's Wolfenstein and Singularity by Raven which have both potential.

And, don't forget Bethesda will have a shooter this year: Rogue Warrior.
Also we have Bioshock 2, Max Payne 3 and a possible HL2 episode 3...

You can't call the shots so far, it is just too early, and KZ2 was just the first true current gen game, expect many more both on PS3 and X360.

Megaton3515d ago

Modern Warfare 2 might squeeze out a hot one all over Killzone 2's face. I'm sure BioShock 2 will be great as well. It's good to have numerous ace shooters, especially when you get the first one in the 2nd month of the year.

Bnet3433515d ago

Modern Warfare 2 will come close or beat it. Other then that, I got nothing.

mandf3515d ago

Why Dis you have never even collected one trophy in killzone 2. I think you lie about your gaming way to much. I have you on my friends list Whydis1 add him. You can compare trophies even though he doesn't accept. You are the worst type of troll. Leave articles about sony alone. You have no trophies at all. Probably internet made up. If you don't believe me add me mandf. I have an eyetoy and i can show his name and lack of any game played. I have trophies for every single trophy game. It shows he has none when compared. Stop the trolling you are the people that ruin good sites. Xbox fans stay in xbox news and ps3 fans stay in ps3 news.

rockleex3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Beat Killzone 2's sales, and every other FPS this year. Sales don't mean the game is better. It just means there are more people who are used to the game and prefer it over other games. Mainly a matter of taste.

I love Killzone 2, but I just don't like how there's no splitscreen at all. And I also don't like how they don't have a CounterStrike-like Search and Destroy game mode.

Yea, Killzone 2 has Search and Destroy. But there's infinite respawns, and that takes away the tactical aspect of it. It is now about where you throw your spawn grenades and how you spam spawn at their base.

If Killzone 2 makes their Search and Destroy more like COD4 and CounterStrike, then I'll DEFINITELY play it much more than COD4.

Splitscreen is also very essential, I can't stress that enough. -_-"

SL1M DADDY3515d ago

It will be surpassed by Modern Warfare 2, plain and simple. I am of the 6% that purchased KZ2 and absolutely love it but once done with it I went back as many did and played COD4 and COD:WaW. While the online of Killzone 2 is great, it just is missing that special something that the COD series has always had... Minus the few Treyarch games of old of course. lol

It's funny too since one of my favorite COD games online was The Big Red One for the Xbox. That game was very addictive!

spvn3514d ago

I meant to agree with your comment but hit wrongly. It's completely stupid to call KZ2 the best shooter this year when it's only april.

If Modern Warfare 2 came out around this time and KillZone 2 came out at the end of the year, people are gonna start going "MW2 will be the best shooter of the year, KZ 1 sucked, so how could KZ 2 be any better? etc".

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Raoh3516d ago

To date, the year belongs to killzone 2. Modern Warfare 2 is the only game i could see giving K2 a run for its money. before anyone says i'm crazy.. even gears 2 isnt as popular or well recieved as gears 1. so its all speculation until modern warfare 2 releases and they hopefully dont screw it up.

i wont count Halo: ODST in this one. its in its own genre. very popular shooter but it can only (in my opinion) beat killzone 2 and modern warfare 2 in sales not gameplay.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213515d ago

and Halo: ODST is an expansion, not a new game so that shouldnt even be considered a GOTY

Foxgod3515d ago

its not an expansion, its a stand alone game, it comes on its own disc, doesnt require halo 3, nor does it use anything from halo3 itself.

ODST is a spinoff title.

dylantalon3516d ago

only another ps3 exclusive shooter stands a chance against killzone 2. we might have to wait for uncharted 2, syphon filter, quantum theory, resistance 3, m.a.g, killzone 3 or another ps3 exclusive shooter .

ps. the talon stands for talented

Why dis3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Good lord.

IMO KZ2 will(ONLY) be mentioned at the end of the year out of respect for the devs efforts.

KionicWarlord2223516d ago

no one knows yet . alot fps coming out this year.

swiftshot933516d ago

I dont think Bioshock 2 can be any where as good as the first because of the new developers. Bioshock was too damn amazing. Still the best single player FPS this gen. But, 2k marin=FAIL.

MW2, the sequel to the masterpiece COD4, yes I expect it (and hope) to surpass Killzone 2 (not graphics),

Infinity Ward FTW. Those guys are amazing.

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