IGN: Zombie Apocalypse First Look

Last week, Burn, Zombie, Burn! came to the PlayStation Network. If you didn't pick it up or scope IGN's review, the gist is that you're one man against an army of the undead. You scoot across colorful levels blasting cutie-pie zombies to bits and having a cartoony time.

Zombie Apocalypse is like that -- except it ditches the cuddly undead for grotesque roamers, tosses in some filthy environments and gives you that Left 4 Dead "all hope is lost" vibe.

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Cajun Chicken3516d ago

Cool! Two above view arcade zombie shooters on PS3! This one sounds pretty good too!

"This is living dead"

thereapersson3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Haha, notice how in every single preview Bloodmask posts, he always links to 360 articles and websites?


Anyone remember the hardcore band "Zombie Apocalypse"? They had the singer from Shai Hulud; It was an awesome side-project!

ActionBastard3516d ago

Burn Zombie Burn is a blast. This, with online co-op, has sold me.

vilmer3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

The videos are from the PS3 version. Might as well have just linked that. Or is there some kind of agenda here? Evil Sony?