TGR: Daily News Roundup April 2, 2009 "Punch Out!! Preview and Saw Game Saved"

TGR has published an article that brings you a special preview of Punch Out!! and Crysis may be on Onlive? That and more on today's Daily News Roundup.

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italianbreadman3519d ago

Most anticipated Wii game: Punch Out!

SirLarr3519d ago

It's really, super awesome. It's my most anticipated now too.

Viewtiful3519d ago

You forgot the double exclamation point, sir. Otherwise you're referring to the old version. /game snob

redfield853519d ago

After seeing more footage, I am actually looking forward to Punch-Out!!. I might have to get the one they just put on the Wii dl section.

I am interested in seeing what they do with Saw. Think they will make a new one each year to go along with the movies or will this be a one time thing? I hope it has some good survival horror bits in it. From what I get from the article, you are in a trap in the beginning, get out, and then have to either help (or not help) people escape as you make your way out of the mansion/house/factory.

360 update makes me happy. I played one of our playoff games in NHL09 yesterday and it lagged, when it has never lagged when I played against that particular opponent. Hopefully that was part of this problem.

I also can't wait for OnLive to fail. Welcome to the world, Phantom 2.

redfield853519d ago

I have more interest in a Saw game than other possible movie based games. I can't think of any, but have there ever been any horror movie based games?

NeverforgetNES3519d ago

Aren't the movies bad enough?!?

redfield853519d ago

Didn't like them? I thought the Saw movies were just a good time.

stewie328873518d ago

Saw 1 was good, but the sequels all fell into the lovely torture porn genre which is pretty disgusting as far as I'm concerned. Horror films should be more than just gratuitous violence in my opinion. All the best ones are at least.

Wii Punch Out!! is looking fanatastic, can't wait to get my hands on this.