Would You Pay A Monthly Fee For MMOs On The 360?

Destructoid Writes:

"We're not just asking this because we think it's a good question. You see, the watercooler open bar talk here lately is that Microsoft is trying to lock down some kind of MMO standard for Xbox Live and the Xbox 360. And from what we understand, they want that standard to be you paying both for Xbox Live and a monthly fee (or some kind of regular fee) to play these MMOs. I told one heavily involved person close to the subject that most gamers would not go for this. And they agreed wholeheartedly. But if Microsoft has their way, both studios and gamers would have to put up with two charges or more to play.

So what's the alternative? You continue paying your Xbox Live fees, but the game will be supported with optional downloadable content and updates. One unnamed developer we spoke with working on a couple of high-profile MMOs would like things to work out this way. But we totally get how others wouldn't like this, including Microsoft.

So, before this all goes down, we wanted to know what you thought. Would you mind paying an additional fee on top of Xbox Live for the MMO games you've purchased for the Xbox 360? Or is the free/optional DLC more your speed? Let us know in the poll after the jump."

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Zeus Lee3544d ago

Depends,as a Silver member,will I be allowed to play the MMO online if I pay the Monthly fee for the game?

iHEARTboobs3544d ago

I doubt that will happen.

JhawkFootball063544d ago

Phantasy Star Universe has done this already. $8.99 per month to play it on the Xbox 360. You dont have to be a gold member either. Also Phantasy Star Online did this with the original xbox.

Bnet3433544d ago

I would pay but it better be a damn good with lots of extras and DLC and stuff like that. If it's average I'd skip out.

chaosatom3544d ago

lol. Also paying for both will not work. That will be taken as a serious backlash.

maxcer3544d ago

Phantasy Star Online and Final fantasy XI both only need silver memberships. we already pay a premium for Gold and i don't think many would be willing to pay for both, MS needs to subsidize these fees for us to be willing to play MMO's on 360

FarEastOrient3544d ago

$14.99 or $9.99 per a month on top of Xbox Live Gold yov've got to be kidding me! I'll have to place this up there with Netflix subscription fee on top of Xbox Live Gold accounts.

SL1M DADDY3544d ago

Nope. I would not shill out more of my cash to MS for an MMO.

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7thNightvolley3544d ago

HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO.. wait. i play 40 pounds a year for gold, pay for my 50mb broadband which is 35 pounds then another charge to play the game... WHHHATTT!!.. MS.. now u are going mental thinking that would happen.

XLiveGamer3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

That is a lie.

MMORPG now on Xbox Live are free from Gold subscription. You can play them using Silver subscription and pay the monthly fee of the game to the developer.

There is no way Microsoft will charge an extra monthly fee for MMO's.

But now here is a problem to them and its the party chat.
-Example: i am in a party of 7 friends playing a MMORPG then "Joe the Chicken Slayer" join our MMORPG party but he need to type to chat or just only get in a private chat with only one of us. So ... there you have a problem. Its not really a problem considering that in most of the MMORPG people type but then everybody needs to have the MSN chatpad the one i have on my Xbox 360 controller right now and its cool.

jack who3544d ago

the mmo server isnt been run by ms(xbl) so why not?

if anything gold member just pay less

ps: you dont need gold to play mmo's

7thNightvolley3544d ago

y would gold even need to pay a dime... i mean.. come on.. they had 50 MILLIONS DOLLARS to go play for xclusive lost and damned, dlc and other ones which they said its from the xbl charges they were able to lay their hands on that money.. ok fine.. i dont play.. that use the freaking money i to do the MMO.. well it figs that they get so much money from ppl each year with the xbl charge anyway ... for them to be able to pay 50 mil for that ...

ArmrdChaos3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

A live gold subscription costs a little over $4 a month. MMO company charges person the usual $15 a month of which $4 of that goes to MS to pay for gold account. MMO in turn gets to use LIVE for distribution of content, promotion, and allow for payment through points system. Why would an MMO want to do that? Because the lure of having a gold account subsidized might get more people signing up for a MMO. It would be no different than spending that money on marketing to convince people to play. More gold users means more business from downloads. In the case of multiple MMO accounts/games per person...split the $4 charge across the number of accounts/games.
Some might say that they would be making a 1/3 less than what they could be, but you can also agrue that they would be making 2/3 more than just PC alone. Everybody would win.

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