Underappreciated Games From Acclaimed Series

Unappreciated games are not exactly hard to come by. Frequently cited examples include Okami, Psychonauts, Beyond Good and Evil, among others. These are all fantastic games that didn't really sell to the masses, instead losing in sales to yet another Imagine Babyz game.

But what about the unappreciated games from series that, in some way, are very much appreciated, or at least well known? The forgotten entries that deserved much more recognition than they received. While this list is nowhere near complete, it gives a taster of some of these games time forgot. Call this part one of The Game Reviews' underappreciated games from well-known series.

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cain1413517d ago

There is normally a reason these went unnoticed...

SirLarr3517d ago

Episode 1 racer is the best thing about Episode 1.

SlamVanderhuge3517d ago

Completely and totally agreed. Put so many hours into Racer on 64 only to get utterly floored and depressed when I saw how smooth the Dreamcast version looked

italianbreadman3517d ago

I really need to play Seasons/Ages

2FootYard3517d ago

I played so much Episode 1 Racer it was a lot of fun.

LeonSKennedy4Life3517d ago

Mario Tennis didn't sell well?

It was incredible!

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