Nintendo Finally Comments On 'Bob's Game'

For the last few months, amateur game developer Robert Pelloni has made an Internet sensation of his quest to make an official Nintendo DS game. Pelloni claimed to have spent five years, on his own, developing a role-playing game for the DS. He called his work "Bob's Game," and posted video clips on his site to show how much he had accomplished.

Late last year, Pelloni let the world know that he was frustrated with Nintendo. He said he contacted the gaming company to obtain a DS development kit, so he could release his game officially. But, he claimed, the company reneged in providing him one.

With neither side commenting, it's been hard to figure out what really happened with "Bob's Game."

Last week, just days before Pelloni released a downloadable demo of his game (available through his website), MTV Multiplayer brought the matter up to Fils-Aime.

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