Killzone 2: Behind The Bullet

For those of you who hadn't seen it yet - the Bullet Journey commercial is a US TV ad for Killzone 2, which follows the path of a single bullet as it travels across the Helghan battlefield in slow motion. Resulting from a unique collaboration between Guerrilla and Deutsch, and directed by Emmy Award-winning visual effects veteran Loni Peristere, Bullet Journey was rendered on the PlayStation 3 platform using the Killzone 2 engine itself.

The decision to use the actual game engine for the visuals was made early on. "We knew upfront that Guerrilla Games had created one of the most sophisticated and powerful game engines ever," says Tom Dunlap, senior vice president at Deutsch. "We wanted to show the power of this technology by rooting all of our executions within it." During the production of the commercial, the assembled creative team also began brainstorming about another way to convey the power of the game engine: by making the whole experience interactive.

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Lifendz3517d ago

but the game wasn't advertised nearly as much as it should've been. MS really has advertising on lock. Halo set the standard and Gears 1, 2, and even crackdown kept it going.

Fishy Fingers3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Sony seem adamant on spending their money on the games I guess. Halos marketing budget was around $30m, that's a game. And when your trying to juggle 3 platforms every game counts. If there were only the PS3 I'd imagine you'd see much more marketing.

Not really related.. Looking forward to DL this later! Anyone else want some new maps? I do.

Aclay3517d ago

@ Fishy,

I totally agree. Microsoft just has one platform on the market, therefore all of their focus and money is behind the 360, but when you've got 3 platforms on the market at the same time like Sony and have all of the Internal Studios to manage, you just can't blow 30 million on advertising for just ONE game.

30 million could be 1 big budget PS3 game, or maybe even a couple of PSP games like the new Motorstorm PSP game and new Jak and Daxter PS2/PSP games coming later this year.

Once Sony lets the PS2 go, I think Sony will get a little bit more aggressive when it comes to marketing though because it'll be one less platform they have to develop for and support.

Kevin McCallister3517d ago

If Sony would have spent $30 million on advertising and it was good enough to convince just 1 million additional PS3 owners (not including those who were already going to buy the game) to purchase the game at $60, then they would have come out with a $30 million dollar profit. They need to start spending money to make it. Even when they officially drop PS2 support, I don't think Sony is ever going to be able to touch MS in the marketing/advertising department unless they use the same company MS is using.

OhReginald3517d ago

OMFG IS IT AWESOME!!!! you can move the camera around...put it in super super SUPER slow motion...EVERYTHING is in-game and not some cinematic bull crap. You can change the picture to no posts, lighting only, material only...its very cool.

4D is real after all.

phosphor1123517d ago

I want to program amazing stuff like that. =[...3 more years of college...

Bathyj3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

I wish this feature was in the game with a directors mode of some sorts.

Imagine the Machimisha the would be going around now if they did.

Salta_nelas3517d ago

Amazing engine, no comparison in urban areas.

Moving around and seeing the effects is awesome.

7thNightvolley3517d ago

i cant find the vid in playstation store .. i am in the uk.. do u think its the reason .. need to get the 4d vid nooowww.. please thanks..

phosphor1123517d ago

Thats where I found it..then again..I'm in North America. Make a NA account if its not there.

7thNightvolley3517d ago

its not on uk servers yet so i made an american account and got the epic 4D vid... gonna watch it now .. wow!!!

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