Punch-Out!! (Wii) Hands-On Preview

Will the surprise revival of one of Nintendo's venerated franchises appeal to both old school gamers and all the Wii newcomers? TGR brings you a hands-on preview and some very promising impressions.

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Viewtiful3516d ago

I guarantee this game falls well below most people's expectations.

SlamVanderhuge3516d ago

How could it? It looks like a remake of the old-school ones. I doubt many people are expecting innovation.

This can't be worse than Mario Kart Wii, which literally put me to sleep twice while playing through single player.

italianbreadman3516d ago

I totally disagree. It looks like it's incredible, and a great translation of the very first game(s).

The only question was the controls, but according to this preview, they are very responsive. I'm pumped. Haha

SirLarr3516d ago

It's actually not a remake, it has new characters.

Lukatoll3516d ago

The graphics for the game are actually pretty good. Even off screen they look nice from those videos.