E.Y.E. Announced for PC, Combines FPS and RPG

Ripten: "Streum On Studio has announced an interesting new title for the PC today. E.Y.E. combines the elements of the first-person shooter and role-playing game into a single-game (think Fallout 3) that puts players in the boots of a Secreta Secretorum worker. Secreta Secretorum is a powerful organization that is ready to undermine the head-strong federation."

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Twizlex3519d ago

Wut? I walked away from that description thinking I just read about scrotums.

morganfell3518d ago

Someone really likes System Shock 2. They have a tall order to beat the best FPS/RPG combo game ever.

Bnet3433518d ago

Morrowind? Dues Ex? Come on man, SS2 isn't that great.

morganfell3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

I guess you aren't that old. Deus Ex was good but it's best parts were stolen from SS2.

Tony P3518d ago

I wonder why the article treats this as a novelty? PC has had many FPS with RPG elements, like Deus Ex for example. Nevertheless, it sounds promising and I'll gladly take another.

Enate3518d ago

I really wish they would stop trying to mix my favorite genre RPG with the genre I like the least.