New Jigsaw screenshots and information

Konami released more information about the game of Saw and they released three new screenshots.

The game will contain the same atrocities as we know it in the original films but will not totally the same. The game will draw attention to the traps of Jigsaw to resolve through puzzles. You will control a character in an asylum should solve riddles to Jigsaw's victims to rescue. Saw is a Konami graphic and intense game that you need to overcome. They want players must turn their heads away from the screen because the images are to intense.

The game of Saw will be released in the autumn of 2009. To see the screenshots, hit the link below.

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KionicWarlord2223546d ago

now this might be interesting. if it stays with the plot this will be solid game.

DNAgent3546d ago

I'd be puzzled if anyone actually likes this game.

ironwolf7773546d ago

"Saw is a Konami graphic and intense game that you need to overcome."
I'll never get over how cool these translations can get.

High hopes for this game, but it could go so bad.

REALgamer3546d ago

How do you play it?

If you're character's in a trap, really how can it play out other than QTEs?

I'm assuming the game will be more adventure / stealthy escaping where you're being held or something. =S

Other issue is will it really be as shocking / affecting as the movies with CG characters? If the look of the characters and facial expressions are spot-on it could just end up unintentionally hilarious.

Konami needs to tread carefully if they want this game to retain the feel of the movies...seems very difficult to do with the subject matter.

TrevorPhillips3546d ago

well you will be able to move around just like silent hill and when your trapped you have to either press buttons just like for example resident evil 5 or maybe motion sensor too i think it will be like that