Killzone 2 Stat Padders Getting Valour Reset

MusterBuster the community manager of the Euro Playstation Forums has posted a message regarding the recent exploit clans have been using to pad their Valour. Musterbuster stated that they have learned which clans have been abusing the glitch and will be getting their valour reset to the 23rd March before the exploit became available.

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thebudgetgamer3311d ago

but put some kind of reminder next to their name like a scarlet letter for some period of time


redsquad3311d ago

I'd want to know who was cheating. Name and shame 'em in some way then they won't be so keen to strut about with their falsely obtained ribbons.

Bnet3433311d ago

Me and Stepehen got a beasty KZ2 clan. We are [-sF-], Super Friendz. Our record is 33-2.

Random_Gumby3311d ago

....super friends???? orly???

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SH3MRON3311d ago

Isn't GG gonna reset the scores of the stat padders that are not on clans? Not all but a lot of the top players Stat padd their way to the top.

Phantom_T3311d ago

Using bots to gain points in matches.
Effectively boosting your place in the table,ribbons medals etc etc.

Gambit073311d ago

I'm not too familiar with these exploits thingies, why is that a bad thing, if it's in the game?

redsquad3311d ago

"Recent exploit"...? I'm happy to report I haven't a clue what they mean. I earned my weekly standing ribbons through my own merits.

redsquad3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Disagree? So someone is calling me a liar? Which part do you disagree with, my phantom friend?

I'm NOT aware of a recently instigated 'exploit' to cheat.
I DID earn my 'top 1%' through regular gameplay.

"Disagrees" don't bother me usually, but these random strops make no sense.

thebudgetgamer3311d ago

there was a baseball game for the genesis that let you play as babe ruth or roberto clemente and just about all past players but i cant think of the name please help


CadDad3311d ago

You could unlock like 30 players.



thebudgetgamer3311d ago

thats been racking my brain for sometime


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The story is too old to be commented.