KiwiBox: The Godfather 2 Preview


"Each of the possible made men have their own personalities, backstories, and special abilities like being a medic, safe-cracker, or a demolitions expert. These abilities will greatly aid in Dominic's story and in the side missions. Although it appears that if a rival family is harassed enough they may put hits on your made men, and in such an attack they will likely be incapacitated in hospitals thus unable to guard neighborhoods or follow you on missions. Of course you can put hits out on enemy capos and made men, but they too will only go into the hospital unless you hit the streets and talk to people (doing favors to them, paying them off, or other activities) about where these men hide and what their weaknesses are. When you find out their weakness you can kill them once and for all with that and deal a terrible blow to your enemy."

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