PS Blog: Killzone 2 "Behind the Bullet" Interactive Demo Available Today

By now you've probably seen the Killzone 2 TV commercial, called "Bullet," which uses the advanced in-game engine of Killzone 2 and the PLAYSTATION 3 to bring the game's incredible detail to life. For anyone who hasn't seen the commercial, you can view it here .

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villevalorox3517d ago

Hmmm.. wonder what It will be like :)

Cajun Chicken3517d ago

Probably something like the Insomniac Museum in the R&C games and when Valve do 'commentaries' with caption boxes in their games. That's what I'm expecting anyway.

himdeel3516d ago

I cannot wait to play with this and get all googly-eyed

3516d ago
GVON3516d ago

interesting to hear that the texture system in this will be used in "future games" according to the commentary.

Ju3516d ago

Yeah. Its an improved KZ2 engine, though. And optimized for slow-mo video capture. Also, they said they have increased the resolution and details because they could free up memory otherwise used by the game.

The interesting part IMO is, that this is basically an experimental engine base on KZ2 where they added stuff which didn't make into the game, but they are confident, that it'll be in future Guerilla games. Seams there is still a lot of headroom to push the envelope even further. Cool thing.

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Nitrowolf23517d ago

sweet, so is it like linger in shadow?

TreborRversed3517d ago

I assume this is for the American servers only.

Mindboggle3516d ago

Well its out somewhere now...I just saw one of my freinds playing it...

Ju3516d ago

Its out in the US now for sure. Just ran thru it - 5 times.

patb3516d ago

Only PSN gives us this kinda cool interesting stuff. Forget about live.

IcarusOne3516d ago

You just can't resist being a douche, can you?

Definitely going to check this out. And then I'll be getting back into Braid on Xbox Arcade - the service with nothing worthwhile; certainly nothing award-winning to be found there.

redsquad3516d ago

Checked the UK store at 7.00pm and even though there was an update, there was no sign of this trailer. As it was an American ad, that makes sense though. I'll have to try my US account tomorrow...

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The story is too old to be commented.