Do Publishers Actually Care What Gamers Want?

Activison Blizzard's CEO Has said that games "That don't have the potential to be exploited every year on every platform with clear sequel potential and have the potential to be $100 million franchises." Are not really something he is interested in.

The author finds this philosophy both contemptuous of gamers and also very worrying indeed in terms of the future of gaming.

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michellejbuss3544d ago

Any fool should be able to see that. Re hashing the same old stuff over and over again will ultimately lead to the death of gaming, surely?

jmare3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Publishers are businesses. They look to make the most amount of profit with the least amount of risk. Every business tries to do this. It sucks for gamers because it leads to crap like Tony Hawk 37 and Madden 1000000000. The other part of the problem is that most people don't buy new IPs. Only about 5-10% of new IPs become franchises. If people would buy those games as much as they buy COD 19, then publishers would be more willing to take risks.

EDIT: Also, didn't he say this sh1t a year ago?

raztad3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

100 million? are those net profit? or gross income? How many games do you need to get that amount? 2 million copies? It's true that new IPs dont sell as good as established franchise, but you need to take into account the genre, for example jrpgs dont sell as good as FPS, at least in the western market.

michellejbuss3544d ago

Yeah I agree businesses have a right to make profit but by same token they need to try to future proof themselves as well. The cannot continue to keep releasing same stuff.

i take your point about the gamer though. We need to take more risks as consumers. Maybe lack of this partly explains the reasonably low figures LBP?

jmare3544d ago

I agree it is short sighted. The counterpoint to that is a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. You can't really expect businesses to give up a good thing just in case the market changes. Businesses react to the market not the other way around.

SaiyanFury3544d ago

Publishers should care what gamers want. It's gamers that pay their paycheques.

CobraKai3544d ago

innovation doesn't normally equal huge sales. Look at sales for Gears of War 2 vs. LBP. Gears never really did anything innovative as I recall similar gameplay ideas in a N64 game called Winback. But it was fun and sold a$$loads. LBP did something different but didn't sell as much loads of a$$.

TheAntiFanboy3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Thus, why EA > Activision at this point. EA may have been dirty in the past, but they're now taking all the money they got from it and are taking a risk by throwing it at new and interesting ideas.

Activision is the new EA.

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TheColbertinator3544d ago

Some new IPs in the past few years have really impressed me: Mirrors Edge,Valkyria Chonicles,Dead Space,Skate,rock band,bioshock,World of Goo,No More Heroes,and Uncharted

Cajun Chicken3544d ago

I want more platformers, third person shooters (not duck & cover, REAL third person ala MDK, Armed and Dangerous), light hearted and humorous games. So in other words; no.

Lumbo3544d ago

Face the truth, distributors sell what gamers buy, else they go bankrupt. As they seem to be fine mostly, they sell the right games, cause we buy them. Sure it would be nicer to support new ideas and unique games, but the truth is, hardly anyone buys them. It's like asking McDonalds to serve unique interesting meals every day instead of BigMacs and if they do it you go to BurgerKing instead, cause you want to buy what you already know.

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