Digital Chumps: Trackmania DS Review

Trackmania DS is most certainly not your average racing game. Sure, its mechanics are quite generic as a whole, but the different modes are what set it apart from other racers (particularly the puzzle mode). More for the perfectionist gamer than the actual racing fan, this game provides some unique takes on the racing genre. It also features a highly functional track editor with over 300 unique blocks and the ability to save up to 60 levels on your cartridge.

It's biggest downfall, however, is its lack of internet functionality. This is truly what separates this game from "good" to "great" status (it adversely affects downloadable content, trading of tracks and multiplayer). Still, at $29.99, this is a game many DS racing fans may want to consider (if you want the internet functionality, though, you may want to go with its PC counterparts).

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