2009 MI6 Awards Announce Blizzard Entertainment Nominations

Blizzard Entertainment has gotten six 2009 MI6 Awards nominations on different categories. One of them is for their Diablo III logo.

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Leord3520d ago

Well deserved. They sure know how to make logos.

Maticus3520d ago

It's interesting to see how the Blizzard logo itself has evolved over the years. The original one looks so plain in contrast to the present one that almost gives me goose bumps when it comes up on the screen before my favourite game launches.

Weird, because it's the same image, it's just been tinkered with!

Elly3520d ago

Funny thing to name your awards.

Leord3520d ago

Blizzard, with a license to DRAW!

Maticus3520d ago

Will James Bond be giving the awards?!

Leord3520d ago

Yeah, that would be cool =)