Madworld already dropping below £20 in UK

DarkZero: "In what is likely to be some very bad news for Sega, although good news for us, Madworld has started dropping in price at many retailers across the UK - a sure sign that stores are having trouble shifting their stock.

This week it seems many outlets have saw fit to slash the price below the £20 mark. The price cut comes less than two weeks after the games launch, when the game was selling for around £29.99 - although the RRP was £34.99."

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zdonit3519d ago

I bought this at launch, and very much enjoyed it (still do). I hope sales pick up at the lower price.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3518d ago

The game barely launched, if it's so cheap now it must mean retailers don't want to stock anymore. SEGA should have chosen the right platform(s) to support. Perhaps there's still time for a good port...

Bnet3433518d ago

They should of gave MadWorld the Dead Space treatment. Make it a PS3/360/PC game, then port it to Wii. Probably would of had better sales. Well, I already said it, bring this to 360 or PS3 and I'll give it a shot. I'm a sucker for beautiful games, but not sucker enough to spend $250 just to play one game.

phantomexe3518d ago

same here but i don't beleave it's droped to 20 dollars in europe yet.

Cajun Chicken3518d ago

Hmm...could be time to get a copy.

crck3518d ago

This is how most hardcore wii games get decent overall sales. The price on No More Heroes and Zak and Wiki dropped to around $30 or lower a couple of months after release. But I guess the devs don't spend much money making these games so they can still turn a profit.

Gitaroo3518d ago

actually even Reggie say games the are wii exclusive and has higher production value need to sell atleast 1 million copies to actually make profits. HoTD Overkill sold less than 100K overall, this is probably just as bad.

BeNice3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Reggie also issued a statement saying he did not sya wii games have to sell a million to make a profit. Most thrid aprty wii games have budgets ranging from a millions to 5 million. this game does not boast the production values or remain that long in production to require such a budget.

Also, to those who want this game but don't wish to shift their stance and get a wii. Almost every preview or review that has praised the game says the fun comes form the controls. Seeing as how neither HD console has those kind of controls available you won't get it. If its is ported it will have to be made into HD and it won't come until next year at best. Also i assume this emans you are willing to pay 50-60 dollars for a 5 hour long game [that has several issues that being more powerful cannot fix]?

Wii games sell over time. It has already hit the 90,000 mark. Few more weeks it should be over 100,000 easily maybe even 200,000.

edit: Overkill sold over 100K already. House of the dead 2 and 3 return on the wii started the same way and they are around a million sold same with Cod WAW. Wii games sell over months. Even in japan, Namco's titles may not be in the top ten but they are staying on the top 30 despite being released long ago. yakuza 3 on the other hand is on its way out of the top 30.

Wii games have a fraction fo the budget that ps3 or 360 games have soe every game that does not sell on those two systems hurts publishers a lot more than a wii game ever could. And odd isn't it that biased comments and blog articles a re abotu the only people complaining about sales of thrid aprty games on the wii and not the publishers themselves who all seem satisfied and bring out sequels.

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