EvilCast NewsBrief Episode #32

GrE writes, "Happy Hump Day! Oh, and April Fools Day as well! It's been a crazy day here at the Evil Tower and we've got a ton of good news, well.. bad news really, people losing jobs, people getting killed, and even people getting ripped off. So enjoy!"

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bgrundman3516d ago

I wonder if there were any April Fools jokes in the show...

roblef3516d ago

The last 'cast was excellent. I'll give this one a listen, too!

CrAppleton3516d ago

It seriously was like.. 90% bad news :( hate shows like that

Spolodaface3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

I hate the word "Hump-Day"

Nevertheless, not a bad show :)

reluctant_gamer3516d ago

Yah! Fools! I think we should get you funny hats and those shoes with the bells on them! And I am not addicted to games enough to bring a TV into the bedroom... but that might change when Mass Effect 2 comes out.

roblef3516d ago

THis show just keeps getting better.