Xbox360: A Tale of Two Markets - US -

In North America, despite the fore-mentioned flaws, the Xbox360 has a sizable lead over the PLAYSTATION3. It's nearly a 2-to-1 lead. It's no doubt this is due to the price facilitated toward a varying market of gaming consumers, and the superfluous marketing tactics Microsoft has employed to sell their latest console.

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ActionBastard3544d ago

North America = The World

Nevermind the JP and EU markets. They don't count.


Brixxer6003544d ago

It also helps that it's an American machine , there is nothing wrong with supporting products from your homeland , 360 is a good machine , something i'd forgotten until recently , i still prefer my PS3 but people shouldn't be surprised that the 360 is a success , it does exactly what it says on the tin "games console".

If i was American i'd definitely buy American, 1 x Camaro Concept would do nicely thank you very much.

KingME3544d ago

"but with the overly expensive controllers (having less functionality than both the PLAYSTATION3 SIXAXIS and Wii Remote)..."

What is he talking about the dual shock 3 is 42.99 and the 360 controller is 43.99 at amazon right now. How is the 360 controller "overly expensive"?

"Halo, Gears of War, Crackdown, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas and dozens of other games geared toward the 14-year-old boys and post-pubescent man-children, has garnered Microsoft scalable opportunities for success."

Haha...I guess this only applies to Microsoft and the 360, no other console has this type of games.

"Not to come off as bashing the system..."

Sounds like bashing to me.

Hallucinate3544d ago

above proably cause the 360 is, just a controller with no speciial six axis or button sensitivity.. 360 controller is worth like $20

uxo223543d ago

Were you saying that before the dual shock 3 came out, because the sixaxis has tilt ability while the 360 controller had rumble. Additionally the 360 controller has replaceable batteries, and to me a more ergonomic feel.

What's so special about the motion part of the sixaxis if the developer can't get it to work with anything?

I think you're just talk smack, but then again why am I acting surprised.

Hallucinate3542d ago

above..ummm im talking about what it worth ya dumbsh1t sure it might be more comfortable does that make it worth more? no no it doesnt its whats inside the goddamn thing and the only thing the xbox controller has is yea technically its only worth 20$

jmoneezie3542d ago

Why did you feel compelled to make you guys conversation personally by call him a dumbsh!t. Was there a need for a personal attack?

Dude, Your mind is so closed that you can barely see anyone's point.

The PS2 wired controller cost two dollars, for you to say the 360 controller should cost the same just tells me it pretty clear that you're an idiot. (opps sorry, now I see your point)

Guess what, PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO PAY FOR COMFORT. Why do you think you are in that cheap A$$ twin bed while your parents are in that nice plush kingsize. Son, design has a lot to do with price, just because something has a bunch of worthless bells and whistles does mean it's worth spending your last dime on.

"Oh look, I can silence my cell phone, clip my toe nails, and scratch my back with that controller, but my hands hurt after 1 hour of use. I think I'll pay 100 dollars for it."

"Oh, that other controller it just feels comfortable in my hands and I can play for hours at a time, but I can't make a phone call on it so who needs that cheap piece of junk."

Did you get you right on those two quotes, I was trying to think like you obvious do.

UXO no need to thank me.

uxo223542d ago

You didn't need to waste your time. I already decided that talking to that person was no longer worth my time.

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Flewid6383544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

The 360 sales worldwide is 27million and the Ps3's worldwide sales are 21million. When he said the 360 outsold the PS3 2:1, did he mean only in the US?

frayer3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

After a year head start and such little progress. Little first-party exclusives, no exclusive third-party support, publishers jumping ship, and hardware failings still ever present...