OXM UK: Dante's Inferno Preview

OXM UK writes: "This one blindsided us, we must admit - a third-person action brawler based on a 700-year-old poem. Don't worry though, this isn't based on some simpering sonnet - it's a violent journey through the Inferno, Dante's detailed account of a wander through the nine circles of hell.

Of course, Dante himself wasn't exactly a hard man - the most muscular part of his body was probably his writing hand - so for the game he's been transformed into a holy crusader with rippling muscles and an enormous pointy scythe that he's nicked from the Grim Reaper. Not particularly faithful to the original text, but no doubt a lot more fun for the player."

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Flipgeneral3218d ago

I really do have high hopes for this game.
We have the devs that made the excellent game Dead Space, and a setting depicting the true definition of hell. This is going to be great

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