Dream Club May Be The Most Depressing Dating Sim Ever Made

You, the broke protagonist, have to work a part time job just to keep going to the hobby going. Should you spend your days working at a convenience store? Five days of work nets 20,000 yen, but if those days, heaven forbid, fall on a weekend you won't be able to visit the hostess club. And the entire point of Dream Club is visiting the club to talk to the girls and make them sing karaoke. You get to play along by hitting the buttons to shake maracas or honk a horn. After spending oodles of cash on visits, snacks, and gifts you might get lucky and woo a girl - only after toiling away at a menial job. This is a real life scenario for someone out there, but Dream Club's melancholy undercurrent of distilling a relationship into cold hard cash is a nightmare.

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