Gaming Guru: 'The Show' is Willie Mays of virtual baseball

RichH Janzaruk @ Times Mail: "Each year I struggle with my love of sports. No, not real sports, but virtual ones.

Come February, the stories begin to trickle out. This year's crop of baseball games begin getting hyped. Cover athletes are named, enhancements are displayed, and my head begins to ache. Every few years I swear off sports games. I promise I'll never pick up a football game with players running on infamous Madden "ice-grass" or play another home run fest of a baseball game.

This year, the painful twinge was back. Having signed up to be commissioner of a fantasy baseball league again, my diamond diodes were firing at full force.

Usually, the two franchises, "MLB 09: The Show" and "Major League Baseball 2K9," are similar in their offerings, so I tend to go with whichever one gets reviews giving the particular game the edge in realism. This year, though, after EA dropped the perverbial ball on 2K9 with another home run fest, "The Show" became my only option."

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RyuStrife3517d ago

Uh...EA didn't make 2K9