EU LotRO Book 7 Update Goes Live

Book 7: The Leaves of Lórien, the latest update for Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online, has now gone live on European servers.

The huge patch introduces many new features to the MMO including a new 12-man raid, a revamped new player experience for Dwarves and Elves, a new self-revive function and of course the new area of Lothlórien.

The Elves of Lothlórien will only allow characters into the area if they have the required level of reputation, so a number of quests have been added to allow players to increase their standing with the Elven faction. Once inside, players are reunited with the fellowship and can accept a host of new quests.

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Leord3516d ago

Lothlorien looks beautiful!

Malfurion3516d ago

It certainly does, but LOTRO has always been lovely to behold.

Fyzzu3516d ago

Oooh! Exciting :) Loads of new bits in this!

Elly3516d ago

Yeah, the patch notes are pretty extensive. Over 50 new quests, 9 chapters and 4 instances and a whole new faction. Loadsa other stuff too.

Maticus3516d ago

The localisation was the hold up, French and German languages. References to the G20 summit spring to mind :P

Leord3516d ago

It's always bloody localization.. =P

Medievaldragon3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Some interesting professions there. Would be nice if WoW had a wood collector and carpentry professions to build stuff. That would match nicely with Character Housing. And people could sell the services to non-carpenters.

Leord3516d ago

Yeah, that's some very cool things that could be made from that. Carpenter and Lumberjack ;)

Malfurion3516d ago

If ONLY WoW would implement some of these things, but meh, we don't want all the MMOs out there to be the same do we? :)