inFAMOUS gets famous musical talent

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today that inFAMOUS, the highly-anticipated, modern day superhero adventure exclusively for the PLAYSTATION (PS3) computer entertainment system, will feature an innovative musical score created by popular underground electronic musician Amon Tobin, world-renowned composers James Dooley and Mel Wesson and electric cellist Martin Tillman. Developed by Sucker Punch, creators of the critically-acclaimed Sly Cooper series, inFAMOUS launches in June, immersing players in the troubled world of Cole McGrath, a regular guy turned superhero who survives a massive blast within Empire City and learns to master his newfound powers.

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Zeus Lee3544d ago

Cole McGrath has to be the most generic name for a Videogame character since Dominic Santiago

Pennywise3544d ago

Another Nathan would of done us good, right?

What names do you like? Mario? Princess? Master Chief? Not calling you out here, but those names are pretty damn generic.

Its a name... I cant recall anymore Cole names, but who cares what his name is... He shoots lightning and scales buildings.

sonarus3544d ago

lol wasn't he nathan at one time but they changed his name due to too many nathans on the PS3 lol

Pennywise3544d ago

Thats funny Sonarus, we were right on the same page with that one.

TheColbertinator3544d ago

I wish Danny Elfman and John Williams would make some videogame soundtracks