NowGamer Review: OutRun Online Arcade (XBLA)

NG writes: "The emphasis being on the word 'Arcade', sadly. For, you see, this welcome appearance of Sumo's quite brilliant retro conversion comes with a number of strings attached. Firstly, there are a mere 15 stages on show here, all taken from OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. Consequently, nobody will be catching the flagman's best side. What's more, the actual play experience has been slightly cut short. In keeping with the pay-per-play ethos, play types are limited to single attempts at OutRun mode, Heart Attack mode, Time Attack mode, and trips through all stages in turn, which thankfully don't require us to use the word 'mode'. Players looking for depth will have to content themselves with checking who they've earned more points or hearts than, rather than the set of excellent and innovative challenges that were spread liberally over the last Xbox outing."

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