MadWorld more like DrabWorld

Globe and Mail writes that the Wii's most adult title to date might sport an arty look and dish out violence that would shame Alex DeLarge, but it is utterly lacking in interesting exposition and meaningful character development. From the story:

"...Alas, the compelling combat and unique visual aesthetic are wasted on a story that sags under the weight of a hackneyed plot-the premise involves a city infested with psychopaths that has been cordoned off and a game show in which contestants fight to the death-and a group of stale characters with about as much personality as a pile of stones. Exposition is essentially limited to a repetitive commentator who spews obscenities for no reason other than to shock (it's supposed to be funny, but it's the sort of crass humour primarily appreciated by young teens looking to partake in what they think of as forbidden adult fruit), and the occasional chat between our burly hero and his agent, most of which consist of directions and negotiations. Put another way, it makes The Running Man seem like high art..."

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ChickeyCantor3544d ago

"It's nice to see Wii developers paying attention to the 18-plus crowd, but they'll have to dish out more than just innovative graphics and oceans of blood to engage the minds of mature gamers"

O brother....

Seferoth753544d ago

I seriously have to question if the guy ever really played the game. I bought it but didnt really get into it. Still havent beat it, but the game contains two commentators and this guy seems to only think there is one in the game.

Seems to me he just read other reviews and pieced his together using the most common complaints. Regardless of whether you like the game or not it is really sad when someone goes to review a game and then shows they arent exactly familiar with it.

Xander-RKoS3544d ago

Someone obviously never played through more than half the game when the story actually become interesting.

N4g_null3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I know right? So a mature story is logging on to a 32 player server these days. RIIIIHHHHHHHHHHGGGT......Did GOW have a mature story?

Seriously the line art in this game and the use of textures is masterful. The commentary is not needed though. The music should also be customizable in the next version since we have SD access now.

Most people may not make it to the good part... that's too bad really.

ChickeyCantor3543d ago

Did excite truck not already use SD for own music selection?

N4g_null3542d ago

sidar it did and it made it even better. More Wii ga,es should let you do this. I believe the rap turn off a few people also.