ZTGD Review: Wheelman

Professor Chaos writes: So what should you take away from this review? Well Wheelman is a good game, with a bit more polish it might have been a great one. Having some good dialogue, a great soundtrack, and pretty cool premise helps distract from the pop-in that comes up every once in a while. You may also notice longer than average load times, I found that this is fixed by installing the game. So if you are a fan of crazy car stunts, action packed car chases, or just a fan of Vin Diesel you should definitely check out Wheelman.

+ Crazy Action
+ Awesome car chases
- Pop-in can be distracting
- On foot action needed some fine tuning

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lh_swe3519d ago

This is a joke right?!, movies as good as pulp fiction and the matrix score an 8.5, games like Saints Row 2 and Far Cry 2 score 8.5. I know some sources are getting generous with game reviews. Gaming journalism on a whole is on a downfall nowadays and games are sometimes scoring as high as 1.5 points over what they maybe should be but this is freakin' insane.

Montrealien3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Sorry but that made no sense.

The online gaming community on a whole is on a downfall, because people make to much out of .5 and scores in general. Its all Subjective! 8.5 is a great score because it seems Professor Chaos thought it was a great game, you might not agree and think is is a bad game, the end.

And by the way, Pulp fiction is an 18 out of 10! Why? because I think so!

lh_swe3505d ago

There has to be some sort of consitancy in the reviews otherwise where are the standards to judge a game by?

Professor Chaos3518d ago

What do you think this game deserves, and why?

lh_swe3491d ago

because it was mediocre in every way,yet had its fair share of fun moments.

Elven63518d ago

Great review for a kick ass game!

Skynetone3518d ago

is the reason i woundnt even consider buying it,

lazy programmers strike again

Elven63518d ago

....seriously?!?!??!??! The game is third person for crying out loud, when your in a truck it even gives you a incar view!

Skynetone3518d ago

when your in a truck it even gives you a incar view

i dont mean to be rude, but you can do better then that

Montrealien3518d ago

gameplay wise I think an in car view would take away some of the mechanics of the car combat, or make it hard for no reason. It was a valid design decision imho.

and when you don't mean to be rude, you usually mean to be rude.

Elven63518d ago

Well you obviusly seem to have some talent with you and I assume you are working on a game that will have said mechanics?

Montrealien: True, in Wheelman they do give you a incar view but not the kind you would expect, think of it like a 3rd person camera for your character.

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bokharij3518d ago

I plan on getting this game.

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