Warhammer Closed Beta To Launch In Taiwan

Warhammer Online's publisher in Taiwan, GigaMedia, has announced that the closed beta for the popular MMO will be begin on 15 April 2009.

Testers will be able to obtain closed beta packs from major retailers on and after this date, however, the Limited Edition closed beta packs, which can be bought from selected 7-Eleven stores, has already sold out, making history on the Taiwan gaming market.

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Leord3457d ago

Perhaps this is what it needs to increase population? =)

Maticus3457d ago

That's very positive for WAR, good news.

Leord3457d ago

Even with closed servers, they have stayed alive long enough now to most likely stay a good while. A permanent MMO feature, as it were, and some healthy competition for WoW!

Fyzzu3457d ago

Those lucky Taiwanese. Any weird localisation going on for this one or is it a straight port?

Maticus3457d ago

I imagine the delay is caused by the localisation - might be mistaken though.

Leord3457d ago

"Weird"? Like if they translate it or not? What do you mean?

Cogo3457d ago

Yeh, the game will likely be released in Taiwanese......

Medievaldragon3457d ago

These guys are catching up where WoW have already been established. Slow guys eh?

Elly3457d ago

Perhaps they were shrewd letting Blizzard test the market for Taiwan before they lept in.

Malfurion3457d ago

The standard practice seems to be to release all MMOs in the Far East now, they thrive on games like this - as do the rest of the world who are catching on slowly.