Midnight Aussie Launch Revealed: Casino Royale On The Big Screen

The PS3 will be released in Australia on Friday, March 23, and SCEA will team up with retailer Myer to host the official PS3 midnight launch event. Myer will set up a large viewing space outside its store on Pitt St Mall, Sydney, New South Wales, and will hold a free public screening of Casino Royale, the latest James Bond movie. The film will be played directly from a PS3 and will begin at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 22.

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Scrumptious4201d ago

For the three people that will attend...

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4201d ago

I'd go just to watch Casino Royale, which by the way is the best Bond film EVER!

SmokeyMcBear4201d ago

you Sean Connery IS JAMES BOND.. there is no other, everyone else is just playing the part.

OldSchoolGamer4201d ago

Nicely put, the One, the Only, the Original: Bond, James Bond.

OldSchoolGamer4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

I think its a great idea, kind of harsh you two, draw them in sell the left over unreserved units, or at least pacify those who can't get them!

True Gamer4201d ago

Since Sony is willing to do this it just proves the PS3 blu-ray quality is awesome, in fact its better than almost every single other Blu-ray player on the market according to Cnet.

ReconHope4201d ago

can't wait to buy some bluray movies

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