Crytek: Streaming games service viable in 2013

According to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli, the company began research the potential of a service that allowed games played on high-end servers to be controlled remotely via an internet connection back in 2005, only to stop in 2007, having determined that such a service wasn't feasible yet

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Pennywise3516d ago

I think he is right. We cant even play P2P games where we own the disc without people lagging. Some games cant even handle 5v5. So I would assume we would be streaming single player games... even with that I would imagine plenty of "please wait, buffering" messages.

Ju3516d ago

I wouldn't even go that far. Why can't we have full 720p on demand video? You know, a one-directional data stream. But now all of a sudden it works with interactive data streaming, too ? Just wondering.

Mike134nl3516d ago

I do think it is possible though not viable at the moment since there aren't that many housholds with a high speed connection. But that might not be a bad thing since a service like this probably can't handle a large number of (new)subscribers.

In the near future like mentioned in the article 2013-2014, I don't see any reasons why it couldn't be sustainable and profitable platform.

At the moment I have an 20 mb connection fastest available in my neighborhood is 120MB, so I might try it out.

Pennywise3516d ago

I think its a joke how long it is taking for everyone to get high speed. I remember using phone lines and I would NEVER want to go back to that nonsense.

I_am_rushin3516d ago

well you're lucky. The highest connection I can "get" is 3mbps, but my downloads peak at 300kbps

no_more_trolling3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )


megabits is different from megabytes

bob saget remix3516d ago

OnLive is just going to be a laggy mess. Its going to flop very quickly.

TheColbertinator3516d ago

Thank you.I'm glad someone understands.

Mr_Bun3516d ago

Is that the actual controller in the pic? Why is shaped like the 360 controller?...hmmmm

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The story is too old to be commented.