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The Portable Gamer writes:

"Cloaked in the safety of a bush, I blow the nearby candle out. As the shadows engulf my body a guard is alerted to the loss of light. Creeping, ever so slowly towards my position, he relaxes as if nothing is wrong. Not knowing these words would be his last, he mutters, 'Must have been the wind.' His final breath leaves his lips just as the cracking of his neck rings in my ears.

This is the kind of stuff I get off on. Am I being biased towards the stealth genre? Sure, but Tenchu has it down to a science. Admittedly, the last time I played the entirety of a game in this franchise was on the original PlayStation, and I've seen many terrible things come out with the name Tenchu since then.

With the original developers of Tenchu (Acquire) returning to bring this stealth action series straight to its roots, will this time around be different? "

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bgrundman3544d ago

It certainly seems stronger than the Wii game. Crappy thumb nubs FTW!

CrAppleton3544d ago

Yeah.. it was fun to play through!

SaiyanFury3544d ago

I got the Wii version and the inaccuracy of it got really frustrating. I'd get up next to an enemy then shake the wiimote and nothing would happen, then the enemy would turn around and see me. I'm looking forward to the PSP version just because it eliminates the need to use the frustrating wiimote. Other than the annoying controls, the game is quite fun.

bgrundman3544d ago

Is it sad that a game was ported from Wii to PSP? It was probably almost a 1 to 1 conversion :P

killyourfm3544d ago

Fine, next bring us Madworld and No More Heroes! :-)

bgrundman3544d ago

Why would they port those? their control schemes actually worked on the Wii, unlike Tenchu...

CrAppleton3544d ago

Yeah.. that was one of the big problems on the Wii for Tenchu was the control issue

roblef3544d ago

OMG no more heroes would f***ing ROCK on the PSP.

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Mcrmarcher3544d ago

I'd love a new Tenchu to come to Ps3 or 360 that be cool.

roblef3544d ago

I might actually pick this title up after this great review. Thanks alot!

bob saget remix3544d ago

When they port a game to a handheld.

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