The Portable Preview: Hammerin' Hero

The TPG'ers write:

"People who know far more than I do about such things say that fashion is cyclical; what is popular at one point in time will likely be popular again sometime in the future. This doesn't really apply to gaming except in certain cases, perhaps. Hammerin' Hero is one of those cases. It's an old-school platformer in 2009 - during the prime of 3D gaming and forgiving difficulty levels - and that makes it unique and interesting as opposed to being just ancient, somehow.

It's very wacky, but Hammerin' Hero is shaping up to be a very appealing game for the old-school set"

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bgrundman3483d ago

Sounds like it should be a whack-a-mole game.

bgrundman3483d ago

I really like the choice of art style though. It will look really sharp on an iPhone screen.

roblef3483d ago

Ain't no school like the old school. I dig it. Nice to see some funk on the PSP.

Spolodaface3483d ago

I'm so pleased that I can finally use my PSP again. First Resistance, now this? THANK YOU!

Looks a little like Viewtiful Joe in art-style.

supercharger51503483d ago

GIANT boombox as a weapon ftw!!! That's so awesome!

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