Imageworks and Insomniac opt for Xsens' mo-cap tech

Ratchet and Clank team working on unannounced PS3 title using Dutch system

A number of high profile game and film studios have signed up to use Dutch company Xsens' MVN motion capture technology.

Imageworks and Insomniac are joined by the likes of Sony Pictures in opting for the camera-less system, which offers a portable full-body motion capture solution. MVN was formerly known as Moven

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TOO PAWNED3515d ago

Strange part is that Sony has it's own mo-cap studio in San Diego....

Freak of Nature3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Could this game from Insomniac be the "rumored", (act/adv RPG platformer)? I sure hope so....

lokiroo4203515d ago

I hope you dont think this is some type of motion controller, get a life and a clue before posting, motion capture is for animations.

castdreams3515d ago

An action adventure game by Insomniac would be awesome! Maybe they will have the routine of Resistance, Ratchet, and a currently un announced IP. That would be interesting. And while I would rather have Resistance 3 sooner than later, I hope they give it more dev time than they gave R2, just to make it a s good as possible.