Activision sets sights on winning 'entertainment war'

November's Modern Warfare sequel will compete with popular TV, DVD and music brands, says publisher.

Modern warfare 2 could beat out the 'safe bet' X Factor and Harry Potter brands at Christmas to be the year's top entertainment property.

At least that's according to publisher Activision. The publisher is confident the sequel can trump the success of Modern Warfare and World at War to become the 'biggest selling video game of all time'.

"Each year the Call of Duty franchise goes from strength-to-strength," brand manager Simon Wells told MCV.

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SoapShoes3547d ago

Not a big fan and I don't expect it to be that great if it's using the same engine from COD4.

DanSolo3547d ago

Has it been said that its gona use the same engine? Or is it all just still a case of people speculating on what is going to happen and then those speculations are getting repeated as fact?
It's pretty hard to know what is going on these days as there is so much bullsh!t spouted about.

I personally am already planning to get the game as I loved COD4 and I'm hoping IW will raise the bar alot higher with MW2.
The only thing that I think COD WaW got right was co-op and zombie mode, everything else was pretty much well below COD4's standards.

If they are already stating that they plan on being the biggest selling game then at the very least they must have some big plans, cos to say that and then not produce a fcuking good game would really damage their rep, and as it stands their rep is pretty good so I don't see them doing that.

But all it really comes down to is wait and see, if the game is good then it will do well, if not then it won't. Either way I won't lose any sleep............. well unless its really good, then I may lose sleep from playing it too much.

Rich16313547d ago

Well considering the Call of Duty 4 engine is actually the Call of Duty 2 engine just beefed up and tweaked, I would imagine that yes, Modern Warfare 2 will be using that technology. But it hasn't been officially said but I am almost 100% positive it is the same one. I can't see them building a new engine and new game within 2 years. Game engines are a pain in the a$$ to get running and take a lot of time/effort/money to get it right.

Erratic3546d ago

They're gonna beat the sales of GTA San Andreas? That's 21.5's even in the Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer's Edition. IF they do I promise I'll even buy it, even though I hate fps in general. But not likely though, KEEP ON DREAMING ACTIVISION!