The Global Financial Crisis - Will Gaming Survive?

Gamer Limit Writes: "Unless you've been living under a rock, you might have noticed that there's a bit of a financial crisis going on. Companies, especially in the financial sector, are falling over, laying off staff, selling off smaller subsidiary companies. Many industries are starting to fall suit. But as we watch the dominoes fall, its reasonably rare to see any corporations in the gaming industry make headlines. Is gaming, as a few market analysts and economists have stated, recession proof?"

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chrisjc3517d ago

I will always buy games! Even if I am homeless.

xp3ll3d3516d ago

Well in the recession people get layed off.
Ppl who don't have a job and are sitting at home all day have a lot of spare time.
People who have lots of spare time can play lots of games.

That's why games and pr0n will always be safe! :-D

AcesAndEights3517d ago

Games are pretty recession proof, I don't doubt they'll weather the storm, or any other cheesy cliche you want to throw in.

Andrew Wiggin3516d ago

Games are not recession proof, but they will not end due to the recession.

Fullish3516d ago

The high production value games probably will.

iseven3516d ago

gaming will never die. even in these tough times.

Dimly3516d ago

Gaming will be the last one standing.

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