Halo: What Microsoft Should Do Next

With Bungie now an independent studio, the Halo franchise is in the hands of the recently founded Halo Studio, part of Microsoft Game Studios. People have seen the company take Halo on its first tentative footsteps beyond the comfort of the Bungie FPS with console RTS Halo Wars, for many a surprising choice, and Halo 3: ODST is inbound this Christmas, but what can Halo fans expect from Halo Studio in 2010 and beyond? Here, in Videogamer's Halo wish list, they speculate on the future of gaming's most famous world saver.

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nightelfmohawk3484d ago

..Halo Fit
Halo Sports
Halo Halo Revolution
Halo Karaoke
Halo Music

Hellsvacancy3484d ago

Isnt there sum crappy pop song out at the minute called Halo?

KionicWarlord2223484d ago

they wont ever make anything like that. there in it for quality. i dont like halo 3 but i will say bungie was a good dev.

Mindboggle3484d ago

dont forget Halo Kart, Guitar Hero : Halo and Marvel vs Halo.....

xbollox3484d ago

the logical next step is:


terrandragon3483d ago

Got anything else that you pull out of your ass?

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Jerk1203484d ago

It doesn't matter what they do next because anything Halo will always rape any Ps3 exclusive.

OmarJA3484d ago

You mean like how CoD4 & CoD WaW raped Halo 3 ?

cryymoar3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

and then how Killzone 2 stepped it up a notch after COD4 & WaW?
Thus raping Halo as well.

And if you mean rape solely on sales? Remember that every xb360 owner bought an xbox360 with Halo in mind, because that's really all its got (besides Gears).
Thank god the Playstation 3 caters to various AAA games, various genres and various fan bases like the Playstation always has since the PSX days.

Hooby3484d ago

Imo, a prequel fps could be more epic then even the "main" trilogy. Some of the coolest stories involved giant epic battles of humanity vs the conevent, not so much these random space rings.

Mwaan3484d ago

Microsoft will continue to take care of their most important franchise. A 3rd person action game would be right up my alley.

manwich253484d ago

well said, A more tactical approach to the Covenant and Flood could prove to be a winning idea. Couple this with the Cryengine 3 and M$ would have another meal ticket just waiting for them.

BasilMarceaux3484d ago

Xbox = Halo, Halo = Bungie. Just think if Bungie decided to make a console, and called it the Halobox?


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The story is too old to be commented.