App Store Insider: Application User Ratings writes:

"For a developer, the decision to make an application available for free is a difficult one. Countless hours are spent writing code, creating images, and marketing a newly created application when the last thing you want to think about is what user rating it will receive, but it is a cause for concern.

There are currently 6,957 free applications and 23,194 paid applications at the App Store, but the average rating for free applications is around 2.5 stars while paid is about 3.2 stars. Also, if you look through the top 25 free applications at the App Store you may find only a few applications near or at a four star rating, even if the paid version of the free application has a much higher rating, so what gives?"

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FuzzyChinchilla3517d ago

if people rate applications honestly...this wouldn't be a problem!

Odie3517d ago

i agree that there needs to be some tweaks and further thought on both Apple's and the customer's ends.