IncGamers: Red Alert 3 Uprising Review [PC]

IncGamers' Tim McDonald finds out whether Red Alert 3's first stand-alone expansion pack is worth your money.

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thetamer3272d ago

Does Holy Valance get her tits out?

Cogo3272d ago

I assume they still try to make the character seem like the girl who would though. Whatever sells the game..

And tits sell anything...

AndyA3272d ago

She's a serious actress you misogynist. Both her and Gemma Atkinson. I'm surprised they haven't picked up awards.

Fyzzu3272d ago

That'd be one hell of a reward for finishing the campaign. Until the screens appeared on the internet and nobody cared anymore, anyway.

Dorjan3272d ago

HAHAHHAH AndyA you crack me up... good acting and Gemma Atkinson are words that do not go together!


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Leord3272d ago

No multiplayer? ffs...

Cogo3272d ago

I agree. This is really sub-par in a RTS game. It's the least you come to expect, even on PS3.

Fyzzu3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

It's a big problem. What's the point of new units if you can't shoot your mates with them? :/ Wonder if they just couldn't balance them for multiplayer and so removed it... Or maybe because this is stand-alone and multiplayer's a big thing they didn't want people to just buy this for the multi.

Microsoft Xbox 3603272d ago

This expansion is retarded. Taking out co-op and multiplayer skirmish was probably the dumbest move yet.

Maticus3272d ago

Multiplayer is a massive thing in a lot of games like this, developers are silly to leave it out these days.