Leaked screen Modern Warfare 2 April fool

Yesterday Gamecloud reported that they acquired the first ingame-screenshot of Modern Warfare 2. They also posted some new information about the game. But after contact with Robert Bowling we know its a April fool. Read more at

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chzin3422d ago

The Screen looks very real!!

Ghoul3422d ago

jup and anyone with a wee bit brainpower could tell its a fake, very bad one btw.

Mindboggle3422d ago

I cant believe people thought it was real....So gullable...Its a clear photoshop job...

y0haN3422d ago

Yeah, who seriously believed this was real?

DominusRebellis3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

lekjdkj;ljfklwej~!!!!! ist teh real thing!!!!!!!!!!

or not

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davey9753422d ago

Could be disappointed for some people haha.

peeps3422d ago

lol theres no way cod4 is gonna look that good anyway. tbh it'll prob be a bit better than 4 but not much, mainly cus i think they're sticking with the same engine

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The story is too old to be commented.