XboxInsider - Survival Horror in Current Generation Gaming

Jason Hawkins of Xboxinsider writes: "I wanted to take a moment to talk about something outside of reviews. Normally I would stick to reviews, but I had a discussion with someone just the other day, and I found it a genuinely interesting topic.

Survival horror. More specifically survival horror in current-gen (it can hardly be called next-gen anymore) gaming.I've had a fair bit of experience with gaming in the past and survival horror is one of my favourite genres. I always enjoyed the way they made me feel. Tense, the atmosphere was filled with anxiety; "Will there be a monster around this corner?", "Do I have a strong enough gun to be able to mow down the manakin before it gets to me?" "Is something going to jump out and bite my face off?". I love the sudden music changes that make you think something is coming, but seldom does. I love the way your heart is constantly beating fast, ready in anticipation of what is to come, as usually it's the quickest of shocks you need to be prepared for it."

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