The Most Anticipated 2009 PSN Exclusive is…

We have been treated with the zen state of Flower and the pyromaniac flare of BurnZombieBurn! Now that we have had a taste of buring zombies to a crisp, what is the next exclusive PSN game you are most looking forward to?

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San Frandisco3517d ago

well,i dont wanna be a jackass and disagree or (by hype) agree cuz i dont or hardly know anything about this game so ill leave your agree/disagree at zero dude. :)

As for the most anticipated title so far for me is Rag doll kung fu since i first seen a video for it on the UK ps store like almost a year ago,ben excited since then and only getting better... i have the one for PC and its alot of fun eccept the fact you have no choice but to do training first (witch someimes i hate).

i really anticipate all psn titles as i love em all really... i just bought burn Zombie burn and its VERY fun and addictive.

Ahmay3516d ago

coming out next thursday I think. correct me...
I'm definitely buying it.

sonarus3516d ago

I don't think there is an XBLA for this yr that has been announced that can match the general anticipation for fat princess. On a side note i am also looking forward to punisher. I just love downloading full type games on my HDD

heroicjanitor3516d ago

That game looks great any idea of a price/release date?

Bnet3433516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Yeah, def. Fat Princess. Looks very fun.


Why would you bring XBLA into this? Are you that insecure? For your information, XBLA is getting the Lode Runner remake sometime this week or next, I'm pretty sure that ranks high above alot of titles given how awesome lode runner was back in the day.

sonarus3516d ago

lol i am not being insecure. Sorry i haven't heard crap about lode runner but i have heard a ton about fat princess. Perhaps its media bias or perhaps its just that Fat princess will be the best downloadable game this yr at least among titles we have seen

Hence why i said on XBLA/PSN fat princess is most anticipated

solidt123516d ago

I can't wait to carry that Fat B!4ch

decapitator3516d ago

Definitely agree. My most anticipated game this year right behind Uncharted and inFamous.

Beast_Master3516d ago

Fat Princess is gonna be the one everyone wants but...Peggle will be what everyone plays. That game is too addictive.

velaxun3516d ago

I'm liking fat princess however I'm more excited about Under Siege. I like seeing (more less) full fledged games on PSN, and Under Siege is looking good

iHEARTboobs3516d ago

Fat Princess is my #1 but i'm also looking forward to Trine as my #2.

FarEastOrient3516d ago

Gamibako, one of the top PSN games of what is that?

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talltony3516d ago

that wants ragdoll kung foo? I mean it looks like sonys version of smash bros. I really want it to come out already.

DoucheVader3516d ago

Fat Princess is going to be lots of fun. A top down based shooter that is class based and has the graphical appeal of a Retro Remake.

I really want to know more about PixelJunk 1-4. Generally speaking PJ puts out quality games.

Bnet3433516d ago

They said there will be 3 PJ games every year. They should be announcing one soon I''m guessing.

DoucheVader3516d ago

Is looking pretty good. I can't say I am a big time RTS fan, but the few graphics I have seen for this have a unique take on the genre. It almost appears they have worked out a "Tilt Shift Photography" look.

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