Gears 2 boss: I play Killzone 2, but I don't like Dead Space

VG247: Yes, it's true. Rod Fergusson, executive producer of Gears of War 2, is a Killzone 2 player. We know because he told us.

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morriss3517d ago

I reckon Gears 3 will “borrow” some gameplay elements from Killzone 2. I know one’s a 3PS and the other an FPS but still, there are some good ideas in Killzone 2 and I’m sure Fergusson can see that.

DelbertGrady3517d ago

Name something. All I can think of is that they took the cover system from Gears and made it 1st person instead of 3rd. Not exactly inventive.

fezthabest3517d ago

Gears didn't invent the cover system either(Kill Switch), they made it "better". Killzone 2 has that system when in multiplayer, where it switches modes during game(pretty sure its new, don't hold my word for it though).

Major_Tom3517d ago

He's a troll and a bad one at that. You don't need to read his comment history to find out he's a fanboy.

heroicjanitor3517d ago

Most people play good games if the yare sane, I bet developers think to themselves,"What the hell are these people arguing about? That such and such is better? Does that make this a bad game?", even if they only develop for one console. Everyone knows killzone is fantastic

Microsoft Xbox 3603517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

It is much harder to make a cover system in first person than it is in 3rd person. FACT.

BTW Gears of War didn't actually innovate on anything. The only thing I can think of, is the use of Shrek-inspired face models.

TheHater3517d ago

hahahhaha. Gears of War invented the Cover system? You are truly and ignorant person. WinBack was the first game to use the Cover system and that game came out in 1999 for the Nintendo 64.

DelbertGrady3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

@Microsoft Xbox 360 - Oh yeah? If it's "fact" go ahead and back it up somehow cause I don't believe you know what you are talking about.

@TheHater - I never said Epic invented the cover system with Gears. I said Killzone 2 took Gears cover system, which it did. It uses exactly the same features, although more sparsely. Blind fire for instance.

Also, I believe a game called Hostages, released in 1988, was the first to use the cover system.

Read up.

Major_Tom3517d ago

This is awesome, get a first class ticket to watch Soda Popinsky fall apart Xbox fanboy style, only on N4G.

I bet he'll go down to one bubble at this rate by the end of the month.

Sharpshell3517d ago

Seriously "cover system" is right up their with "open world" with words I cring when I hear now regarding VGs. Not b/c its bad but its jsut one of those things... every game will eventually have *(i refuse to say it again)*

Now all that matters is how well its done for instance Uncharted and GeOW do it well, i personally think it sucks in gta4, but thats me

Now in Killzone they really made the *thing* work becase they didnt JUST copy it from GeOW... in fact the two games work in aopposit ways. GeOW translate the run button to cover where as KZ uses the duck button... both optimal for their respective games

JeffGUNZ3517d ago

If we want to get technical, Ancient armies developed a "cover system". Who cares who implemented it first. Hostages did create a cover system, albeit a poor one, but it was there, soda is right on that fact. Kill Switch did one YEARS ago, which was pretty good, but Gears made the cover system what it is NOW. It's a progression, and I bet another game in the future, on either console, will make an even more realistic and better cover system. Why fight over the stupid things?

Relating to the article...Most companies play their competitors products to see what they missed and to help inspire new ideas. Plus, KZ2 is a great game, why wouldn't he want to play it, Rod isn't a fanboy.

no_more_trolling3517d ago

i invented the cover system. screw u soda

Anon19743517d ago

I've played both Killzone 2 and Gears 2 extensively. Their cover systems aren't even remotely similar.

Silellak3517d ago

So is this really what N4G has come down to? Someone like Soda gets slammed for being a "360 fanboy", but no one slams any of the blatantly obvious "Sony fanboys"?

Why don't they just ditch the failed "Gamer Zone" concept, rename this a Sony fansite (N4SF) and get it over with?

Anon19743517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Soda is a fan of the worst kind. He's the type that just makes things up to try to bash the other guys. Sure there are some Sony faithful about, but you don't see them lying to prove their point.

For example:
"as it's not like the PSN shop where when you click on something you have to wait 30 seconds before you can view it."
That preposterous and anyone who has used PSN can testify to just how ridiculous this is.

"Perhaps Killzone 2 borrowed it's crappy aiming from Uncharted?"
Just being a troll here. There isn't a reviewer alive who's had anything negative to say about either's aiming system.

"Sony, on the other hand, keep adding meaningless crap to PSN instead of the fundamental features."
Just because you don't use something doesn't mean it's meaningless. I never once used cross game chat in the years I used XBL but I wouldn't dream of calling it meaningless just because I didn't use it. Both systems allow gamers to play games online. The rest is just gravy.

"Overpromising and underdelivering. Once again."
This is in regards to the Playstation 2.7 update. Sony didn't promise anything. This is a lie.

These are just some gems from Soda's 1st page of recent comments.

He's deserves any criticism that's coming to him. This crap doesn't belong here. Based on your posting history I can see you're a gamer, not a fanboy. I'm surprised to see you throw in with his lot.

ukilnme3517d ago

@ darkride66

"Sure there are some Sony faithful about, but you don't see them lying to prove their point."


LMAO. Maybe not in this article. If you claim it never happens then you need to take your blinders off.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3517d ago


LMAO. Maybe not in this article. If you claim it never happens then you need to take your blinders off. "

And people do call them out either, no wonder there are so many paranoid usernames like "N4Sony" or "N4PS3G". Siellak probably lives in a cave if he has never noticed 360 fanboys call out on PS3 fanboys, lmao. It seems that he's one of those that thinks that N4G is somehow owned by Sony fanboys even though you see a lot of hate towards PS3 every day in the articles that get approved.

This site shouldn't be called N4Sony or N4Microsoft, it should be H4G, H standing for Hate.

3517d ago
Anon19743517d ago

We're not talking about people voicing their opinions on things here. We're talking about outright lies to try to make another system look bad like Soda does.

Aside from a couple of odd comments in the Open Zone, I don't see anyone but 360 fans resorting to this type of tactic.
Prove me wrong and I'll happily recant that statement.
Either way, Soda is still shameless. Even he can't really believe what he posts.

Aquanox3517d ago

I would bet money right now on that Guerrilla guys have played much more Gears of War than the average Gears player.

s8anicslayer3517d ago

It's a great game, people or shall I say real gamers play all AAA games no matter what system it's on

iEternal3517d ago

that's the most ridiculous thing ever. how many different ways is there to duck behind something? cover systems will always be similar... but if you really want to see similar, go play Killswitch.

4Sh0w3517d ago

Another "really not news" story.

So you mean to tell me a dev plays a game by another dev is news?

Who seriously doubts that GG devs have not played Gears?

bu bu bu but that would make them Gamers too.

FlameBaitGod3517d ago

I cant believe Soda Popinskydoesnt get banned for trolling as i did for saying on an article ( and i was jk cus if you read what the first guy said u would know y i said what i said) 360 has no games. Ty N4G for treating every 1 EQUALLY

y0haN3517d ago

Killzone 2's fun but I have been too busy with SOCOM to play it :P (yes that game with poor reviews from when it came out, when it was a buggy mess.)

GVON3517d ago

I hope the thing he takes from KZ2 is that they should use dedicated servers,it would of eliminated so many of the lagg,host advantage issues from day one,ok you could lose the servers during the first day or two but if they prepare and test them enough it should be fine.

Megaton3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Did I fall into the Open Zone or something? Oh, nope, we just don't have mods at this site anymore, or so it seems. You guys need help.

Anyways, I'm more interested in this guy not liking Dead Space, but it is admittedly because he's a bit of a puss. Dead Space is the best survival horror game I've played since Silent Hill 2.

lol @ him being scared of horror games, but 'currently playing RE5'. Speaks volumes for how lackluster RE has become in the scares department.

GiantEnemyCrab3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Silellak hit the nail right on the head.

"Sure there are some Sony faithful about, but you don't see them lying to prove their point."

GMAFB!! Do you even believe that for a second?

OnTopic: Did anyone actually read this interview? He mentioned a whole list of games he's playing and mentioned KZ2 in passing.. This is making it sound like he is some die-hard KZ2 fan when he is bragging more about his Peggle score. I hope he does look at those visuals, models and physics and takes that back to the Unreal engine.


since all of you are just typing meaningless sh1t, ESPECIALLY U SODA FLOPinsky.

i will now add my own turd to this sewage:


kickaski3517d ago

Guerrilla said that the cover mechanic is from Killzone: Liberation. case closed. STFU.

RememberThe3573517d ago

Soda is not getting slammed because of his views, he getting slammed because he's make statements that are wrong and trying to pass them as fact. He's wrong and people are calling him on it. Draksider made the point perfectly (barring his comment that Sony fanboys don't do the same thing).

Fanboys in general need to be called out more. The mods either decimate a thread or let it run ramped, they are virtually useless. Fanboyism isn't even supposed to be allowed in this section yet it's everywhere.

fusionboxer3517d ago

Killzone 2 doesn't do much to innovate the shooting genre, but what it does it does amazingly well.

In my opinion Gears 2 had the better scripted events and stronger finale, story, and buildup.

As far as gameplay went I prefer Killzone 2, which (again IMO) was better visually, technologically, and really just did a better job at incorporating scripted like events into the game play without taking control away from the player.

I think both dev teams can learn from each other. While Killzone 3 could borrow from Gears in terms of pacing and light story elements (I doubt anyone wants an MGS type plot in their killzone), the gears team can look at how Killzone's brilliant lighting can create some amazing visual elements that add to the overall realism and authenticity that'll keep the player immersed from start to finish.

Also the online functionality of Killzone 2 is just spectacular. I just wish it had online/offline co op like Gears did.

Here's to hoping a patch releases with co op! (fingers crossed)

GameGambits3516d ago

The best thing Gears3 can borrow from Killzone 2 is dedicated servers. 90% of the mess that is Gears 2 is a result of no dedicated servers.

I let it slide back on Gears1, because dedicated servers hadn't hit enough momentum that even casual gamers should know about it now, but I've had even the casual game crowd on Xbox Live use that term commonly now.

Here's hoping Baby Gap T-Shirt wearing Cliffy B can spend less money on his undersized T's and more on stable gameplay.

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MaximusPrime3517d ago

i wondering how long will he play Killzone 2?

longer than Gears of Wars 2?

Bnet3433517d ago

I'll just reply here since no one has taken this lil area yet. I am amazed at how everyone turned this entire article off topic, and for the most part everyone is wrong. Gamer Zone is now Open Zone 2.0.

iHEARTboobs3517d ago

It's sad to say but I think this is what a lot of gamers have become.

Anyhow, just finished GEARS 2 and it was awesome. It wasn't perfect (no game is) but it was really fun, and that's what I liked about it. Both GEARS and KZ2 are great games. Just let it be people.

surfer3517d ago

I'm pretty sure Gears took Uncharted's cover system... and made it worse

Alex_Mexico3517d ago

Nah, it was the other way around. Gears 1 came first and had a very good cover system. Uncharted came next year and, in my opinion, improved it.
Dunno about Gears 2, though. I've yet to play that one.

DelbertGrady3517d ago

Perhaps Killzone 2 borrowed it's crappy aiming from Uncharted?

Microsoft Xbox 3603517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

What's wrong Soda, Uncharted was too hard for you? It's called no aim assist. Something you probably can't play without. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the only thing crappy is your aim.

Bob Dole3517d ago

In your case it borrowed it from your hands. Bob Dole can get headshots like no other in that game, it's nobody's fault that you suck so bad.

hay3517d ago

Wow, Soda, you even fail at failing. C'mon man, when you're trolling, show some level at least. Entertain us.

MmaFanQc3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

play the games hes talking(more bs than talking) about because he obviously doesnt

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Microsoft Xbox 3603517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Killzone 2 murders the competition that's why. The most polished and best looking console game ever.

I bet this Gear 2 Boss is tripping out on the K2 multiplayer mode. 16v16 matches with unmatched graphics on top with no lag and no slow downs. He can only wish his game can run and look as good as K2.

5v5 online matches. HAHA. What kind of joke is that? Even he can't take his own POS Gears of War game seriously.

Major_Tom3517d ago

Bad troll is bad how do you have all your bubbles.

Microsoft Xbox 3603517d ago

Me caveman. Bad troll is bad.

Shepherd 2143517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

the only thing you could come up with was that Killzone 2 has no lag and better graphics. Really, is that all you can come up with troll? You never stopped to think that some games are designed for small squad-based multiplayer and not massive frantic battles? Gears isnt about large scale fights, its about going in with your 4-5 man team and using guerrilla-squad tactics to take out the other 4-5 man team. Gears never wanted or even ever tried to have more than 5v5, it would ruin the game if there were too many players, it doesnt work like that. Any more than 5 guys a team running around and the game becomes not fun. Gears gameplay was not created for crazy all-out 16v16 fights troll.

Like i said, all you can come up with for Killzone 2 is better graphics? Lol, shallow fanboys FTW. I could name a hundred games with better gameplay and are more fun than Trollzone 2. Hell, i could name a hundred games from 10 years ago that are still more fun than your "ultra HD highly realistic graphics" game that is all show and average everything else pal. I know you love your little Sony universe you live in, where graphics and high player-count in multiplayer mean absolutely everything to make a game good, but there is a bigger world out there my friend. You should try to see some of it.

na2ru13517d ago

Try Killzone 2 in a 8 player much and see for yourself how tacticle the game becomes.

I mostly player 4v4 matches and love it so much. When I feel like Im in a frenzy, 32 player is selected under filter

terrandragon3517d ago

Go back to your Geico commercials, caveman.

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