British men prefer video games to sex

It seems a study of 1,130 British men has found that two-thirds would rather play video games than have sex.

After examining these results, Pocket Gamer came up with a few tips on how to excel at both.

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Major_Tom3515d ago

Clearly an inaccurate study lol. What percentages of these men are virgins, etc.

Gam713515d ago

Have you slept with a British woman?
You can thank loose women for them being too difficult and not much fun.

I can believe this.

Major_Tom3515d ago

Bro, if you rather play games than have sex with a woman than something is wrong in that head of yours.

Fox013515d ago

Well, you can't know what you're missing if you've never experienced it.
So, I agree with your first comment; I think a high portion of those "men" are virgins.

Leio3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

"......something is wrong in that head of yours. "

Lol that depends entirely on how the women looks like... for example I wont fuk a 150kg women under any circumstances let alone playing game

San anto3515d ago

Hm would like to know the age group used for this study, im sure the 18-24 wouldnt not agree with this study....Possible 40-45 who knows.

Gun_Senshi3515d ago

do you know anything about british women?

They are the 2nd most easy to get them to bed.

Nothing beats Italien girls...they are TOO horny

Bnet3433515d ago

only in america ... OH WAIT!

HowarthsNJ3515d ago

That's what another study reports anyway.

Let her sleep in on Saturday mornings while you play games :-)

y0haN3515d ago

We can dare to dream Tsalagi

iHEARTboobs3515d ago

Autsin Powers would say otherwise. Man, I want to bang a British chick. It's that accent...haha

SiLeNt KNighT3515d ago

did they ask WOW players? cause that would then make a little more sense.

rockleex3515d ago

Most men prefer sex over video games... EXCEPT when there's a new video game being released.

fusionboxer3515d ago

When you've had too much sex then you want something else to get the blood pumping and I guess the main alternative over there are new video games.

Let's try to look at both points of view though.

Imagine this dude doing this chick every night for 2x365 days. I mean you can keep things fresh with more foreplay, toys, friends, etc, but after a while your gonna need to take a break from one another.

Let's compare them now :D

Imagine frolicking through huge green pastures with my horse and piccolo flute in hand all while battling the evil dark elves from the north valley of lollipops. Doesn't that sound more fun then stripping an attractive 21 year old college girl down to her panties and then sliding your hand up and down her back until she moans your name?

Yea that's right. These guys are crazy, but stories like this always make me crack up.

TheDude2dot03515d ago

@ 1.0

I think it's exactly the opposite. People who have sex a lot who probably be bored a bit and want to play video games more. Virgins usually would die to have sex.

DominusRebellis3514d ago

MY big head likes videogames....but my little head prefers women, in particular, being inside one

Face Palm3514d ago

A single video game can offer hundreds of hours of entertainment

Sex offers men 2 minutes

TheDude2dot03514d ago


Two minutes? Don't worry I'm not judging.

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Hellsvacancy3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

It wasnt as u think it was, i was playin summin online a while ago and my missis comes in the livin room as sais "come on r we goin 2 bed or wot" and i was all like yeah yeah let me finish this level and she was all like "u always say that youll end playin 4 another 2 hours and ill fall asleep" so that was when she showed me a little "appreciation" and 4 the 1st 10 mins i was playin Ps3 and smokin a joint - SWEET

Doesnt seem 2 work so much these days though

Edit. i love it how people disagree wid ya and dont tell u y, oh i c your callin me a lier "wotever helps u sleep pal"

Gam713515d ago

I think people are disagreeing because you sound like you're 10yo and they don't believe you've had a girlfriend let alone sex.

Also if she was showing you "appreciation" then why was you "smoking a joint"?
Is your "girlfriend" just 1 op away from being a all woman, if you know what I mean?

Hellsvacancy3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Go on smart arse reword wot i written above so then itll look like a comment comin from a 24 year old

And y was i "smoking a joint"? because its my £20 a day habbit because its wot i do when im watchin Tv or a movie or when im listenin 2 music, drivin my car, havin a bath, takin the dog 4 a walk or WHEN IM HAVIN SEX!!!! it makes everyhin the little bit better would u believe me if i told u im smokin right now

Oh and i dont like explainin myself 2 no sucker

(and sorry if i sum-how managed 2 offend any1)

hay3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

1. This story is too dumb to be true IMO.
2. You don't find your gf attractive, if so, why the hell you're with her?
3. It's written in a 10year old boy manner(your grammar is fu**ing terrible, like a kid who can't handle keyobard or dictionary)
4. If it's true, you could choose games over sex for one simple reason. You suck at sex and cannot satisfy her(and we know women have their needs) and at least playing getting-easier-day-by-day games you're someone.
5. Any other suggest people?

Back on topic:
This research is kinda sucky for me, but looking at british chicks, can be true...

Major_Tom3515d ago

Judging when you yourself inquired about playing games than having sex and you're calling some one out on being a virgin?

Lol I hope you're trolling you're looking awfully pathetic.

Gam713515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )


you sure do seem on the defensive about this topic.
I find it odd that you need to comment on everyone else the call me out on something similar.

I said I can understand the results below your comment not that i'd prefer to play games than have sex, learn to read

Anyway it does seem like you're trying waaay to hard to convince everyone that sex is the be all and end all.
Are you sure these outwardly attacks and inability to understand anothers choice on this topic is really you trying to hide the truth from yourself?

Maybe you are so desperate and can't live without it for more than 5 mins but most people aren't that pathetic.
With that attitude you obviously spend a lot of time begging you girlfriend and hearing "no" from her.

Good luck with the constant rejection and begging.
Those that have higher thought functions will continue to play games and have sex as well as other interest and hobbies quite happily.
Even having our partners initiating it once in a while without us need to beg.

Can you imagine that?

edit: ok I'll simplify it for you but I realy am just repeating what others here are saying.

Sometimes people don't want sex but would rather do what they're already doing.
Doesn't mean they always would chose A over B just this time.
You though are clearly desperate for it and will be always begging for it which means you will never be an equal when it comes to sex or even relationsips because you have given someone else all the power.
Enjoy being weak willed for the rest of your life.
I doubt anyone would ever respect you and would use you then discard you.

But hey as long as you get your water bowl cleaned once in a blue moon you'll be happy to running on your wheel in your cage.

Major_Tom3515d ago

Gam71 lol seriously, you've never been laid and continue to say what you do under false pretenses. Who are you calling the loser when you rather not have sex with a woman and play by yourself with your joystick. lol critical thinking skills not req. I guess.

Bucky Sligo3515d ago

Let's see what happens after 10 years of marriage if you still rather would have sex than to stop playing a video game ;)

TheDude2dot03515d ago

It wasnt as u think it was, i was playin summin online a while ago and barack obama comes in the livin room as sais "come on r we goin 2 fix econame or wot" and i was all like yeah yeah let me finish this level and he was all like "u always say that youll end playin 4 another 2 hours and ill fall asleep" so that was when he showed me a little "appreciation" and 4 the 1st 10 mins i was playin Ps3 and smokin a joint - SWEET

Doesnt seem 2 work so much these days though

Edit. i love it how people disagree wid ya and dont tell u y, oh i c your callin me a lier "wotever helps u sleep pal"

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Microsoft Xbox 3603515d ago

If you're banging the same chick all the time, then yeah it gets boring fast. Sometimes I just want to kick it with some online gaming at night.

Cherchez La Ghost3515d ago

And who said brilliant minds don't think alike?!!

7thNightvolley3515d ago

I kinda get what those men are on about but i would generally rather have sex than play vid games.. but if its the same woman.. over and over.. if i have bit of beer or wine then i would have sex easy but once i (released the stressed (if u get what i mean)) i would just wanna get bk to my tv and she out of the door, if a new chick then sex would be the HELL PREFERRED. Sometimes women can be stressful thou all wanting all the fore play BS.. i would rather her just jump on the pole and straight to the point its not like that is not the whole point anyway.

DragonWarrior_43515d ago

Yeah, you kids have no idea how much of a pain having a woman can really be. Ive banged more women when I was 16 to 19 then you guys will ever have thought about having sex. Im 28 now, I cant even fathom how many times Ive ever got laid. I got a beautiful woman that Im engaged to and have 2 kids with, and shes still got a nice body. Thing is though, you get sick of the same sex over and over again. I got sick of it the first 2 months I was banging other chicks usptairs while she was cooking downstairs. I know I know, I used to be a jerk. Im faithful now, but I still yearn for that strange. Its not that the sex is bad, its just you dont get excited anymore. I probably wont have sex the whole week when Modern Warfare 2 comes out.

Major_Tom3515d ago

You're not 28. That's pathetic if you're actually that age and behave this way.

Fox013515d ago

Bragging about your fake "sex life" on the internet... that's pathetic.

Bucky Sligo3515d ago

In the other thread you said you had 3 children.

What an ass!!

Major_Tom3515d ago

Wow you guys are totally screwed up. You rather play games than get laid? What the hell.

ravinash3515d ago

Well, theres the answer to your question.

Fox013515d ago

I rather have sex while playing games