PS3 2.70 Does Not Disappoint

"There's been a lot of fuss lately over this PS3 2.70 update. Now a lot of people are beginning to get disappointed over what 2.70 is supposed to be like, stating that it doesn't have the features they wanted. I think it's time to address a very common aspect of the online gaming media."

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BrunoM3181d ago

These isent really news but one thing i must agree ..

WE and i said WE (thats me too) hype the SH!T out of 2.70 .. so ya we got our selfs to blame too ..

(il copy my post from another news same as these so i make my point here )

"ya here today on n4g some people talk as if they were there wen making the ps3 come on with out being the people that are making the FW's and the people that made the ps3 non of us know much about it ...if we "ALL" knew so much about it there wouldn't have been so many post about killzone 2 never looking like IT DOES. but w.e

WE mai know (and by we i mean some people on N4g) what makes the ps3 run i can know all that aswel if i want go google it and talk about it but if ANY ONE THOSE people here on N4G and over the net talking about it were to be put in a room with a ps3 and said OK NOW MAKE IT RUN none of them would WHY ???? BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO they mai know the names and number nut what about the HOW TO ?

so back to what we were talking about ya by the looks of it sony has alot to work around microsoft patented some good stuff (that in other hand sucks for people who own other consoles) and i know il get comments like ya they are smart and ya they are but is like sony putting a patent on 2 analogs what would the 360 have? ,, but any ways ...

"give sony time the ps3 due to the machine it is it will move ahead even wen all stop moving .. now was i happy with 2.70 ? NO .. WHY ?? because I and in my case what i was reading here on N4G made me think of 2.70 as something more than it was .. (come to think about it 2.70 is not 3.00)"

ionicmoose3181d ago

Wow, that is one of the hardest to read comments, ever!

Hellsvacancy3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Man your wordins worse than wot mine is brother

DragonWarrior_43181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

The fact that there is a text and voice/video chat option means that they are in fact bringing cross game video and voice chat sooner then you guys think. Sure we have waited and waited, but when it comes will people still be b*tching about this? I have a feeling that Sony will even go further then voice/video cross game chat. Remember when 2.41 came out? Sony said these features will be coming in phases. This was only the second phase. Im pretty happy with them right now.

I agree Bruno. Sony has to go around all of these @sshole patents that Microsoft has, and really. What would the 360 be like if Sony put patents on analog sticks? Good point man. Bubbles for you. Sure I love my 360, but Microsoft is the reason why the ps3 doesn't have things like in game music because the big wigs @ MS. Sure sony has to catch up, but its not like that its Sony's fault that Microsoft are a bunch of douche bags.

SIdepocket3181d ago

Ouch my brain hurts from reading that.

And where do you guys come up with these "articles"? This isn't news

BrunoM3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

sorry to all posting from the ps3 so kinda hard ri notice some stuff wen entering long posts .....

sorry if i dint make my self clear il repost from the pc at a later time .

as for now sorry take what u can from it .

@DragonWariorr 4
yep u got it all i was saying ... people like to ask but dont see the work needed for what they ask...

and too many damn patents by microsft .. sony shud patent blu ray in consoles and dvd s back on ps2 see how fun an xbox would be ..

danfry3181d ago

Get yourself a keyboard dude, if you already have one - GET YOURSELF SOME FINGERS. Jeeezzzz

Montrealien3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

You know it`s bad when comments on the (News) here on N4G, has more words then the (News) itself.

These (articles) are starting to look more and more like arguments in school yards,

School Kid/Blog A : Man, I was expectin 2.70 to cook me breakfast and change gaming for ever, I am soo dissapointed.

School Kid/Blog B : Hey man! It was not announced so what is to be dissapointed! Hence, 2.70 is not a Dissapointment.

Is this what the (online media) has gotten to? Cant wait till N4G makes a little section in the corner for this kind of (News) and give the site back to people that want News, not (enthusiasts) washing their cloths in public.

BrunoM said

("give sony time the ps3 due to the machine it is it will move ahead even wen all stop moving .. now was i happy with 2.70 ? NO .. WHY ?? because I and in my case what i was reading here on N4G made me think of 2.70 as something more than it was .. (come to think about it 2.70 is not 3.00)" )

You cant be serious, so you read a few ill informed blogs here on N4G that should even be news and took it seriously? That was you first mistake and it just went down hill from their..

snaz273180d ago

I know its my own fault for believing the hype and listening to rumours etc and i have defo learned my lesson on this lol.. but i was hoping for something better from this firmware there was one thing that ive thought would be a good idea for ages the copy and paste function but that text chat thing is an obomination a total waste of resources and time oh and my hdd space lol.. for 1 you can only write about 6 words per message and 2 it stars out stupid words like eye toy! it starred out toy! lol.. the whole thing is just sloppy and looks like its been knocked up in a couple of days i really cant see anyone using it its totally pointless! ok its free but if i offered someone a free piece of my daily doings would they accept it thankfully?.. bu still it will say it again it is my own fault for getting hyped about it.

DaTruth3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Sits back and waits for the inevitable 2.70 bricked my PS3 articles all over N4G.

Lifendz3180d ago

you should apply for a job as a writer on the

aksmashh3180d ago

Wow Sony Have Finally Given Us Stuff That Xbox Users
Have Had For Almost 4 Years!!!

And All These People Saying "Its Free"
I Don't Care I Didn't Buy A PS3 Because It Was The Cheapest &
I Would Rather Pay For A Better Service, Whats An
Extra Couple £ Or $ A Month (Xbox Live £20 On eBay)

Sony Networking Department- You Deserve To Sacked & Other Things
(Sharia Law) But I Don't Want My Comment Removed

Clubptxxx3180d ago

Lolwut? Did you get reprimanded for not capitalizing any letters back in school, so you trained yourself to capitalize every word?

Anyway, I'd rather have a lot of updates that are small, than a bi-annual update that changes everything and adds features I don't need/want.

zag3180d ago

Where did you get this text from?

Is it from a translator?

because it's unreadable, it's that bad.

Just read the other post get a kayboard for the PS3 and stop posting via the controller as it's shocking or keep it short and simple.

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Hellsvacancy3181d ago

Took me about 10 mins in all

MaximusPrime3181d ago

probably faster than xbox 360.

Capt CHAOS3181d ago

I ask a sensible question and yes, 10 mins is good.

But if you want to throw your fanboy childish behavior around:

Not a chance. The 360 upgrades have always been super fast and even the biggest one of the lost took < 10 mins.

Re-versed3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Of course it is faster on downloading updates...360 updates are usually fixes not real updates to the firmware... The last true 360 update was that RROD bringer NXE...Am i wrong??

Gue13180d ago

I don't know what type of super fast connection you people have for the firmware to only take 10 mins to download but I have 1mb and it took me at least half hour to download it...

MAiKU3180d ago

Well most people have high speed cable internet. Don't tell me you because half an hour is just ridiculous. Make sure your the only one using the bandwidth.

Marquis_de_Sade3180d ago

1.4, yes you are wrong, it was E74 bringer, not RROD.

likedamaster3180d ago

Xbox360 took about 10 seconds, FYI. It was a fix update, that was never announced only right before we got it.

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Major_Tom3181d ago

Only yourselves are to blame rumors are just rumors.

cLiCK_sLiCK93180d ago

I was satisfied with 2.70. Trophies and the XmB loads way faster. Thats all I wanted. Specially since im getting it FOR FREE. So why complain. Better than nothing, right??

KingME3180d ago

Are you serious. You are actually blaming Microsoft for having ideas and Patenting them? Do you not understand the purpose of a Patent? Additionally, how could Sony have patented analog sticks when analog sticks were out long before Sony decided to use them.

Didn't the VC-4000 (1978) have analog joysticks, and wasn't Atari using analog sticks in 1982. And wasn't the nintendo 64 one of the first to use the thumb operated joystick in 96?

I can't believe that because Sony was unable to deliver ingame voice chat on this update, somehow you and bruno have found a way to blame Microsoft because they have patented technology that they have researched for their game system.


Montrealien3180d ago

It is something I enjoy very much on Live, just joining a party of friends and switching from one game to the other without every disconnecting. Sony will get it on PSN I`m sure of it, why it aint already here though it a little weird.

SIdepocket3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

No VoIP on PSN, that's why. Makes the sound lower quality as well

infekt3180d ago

@FOX01: Actually, that is the intellect of a xb360 owner. Peas got more going on for them than xb!tches. Its a fact!

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Ngai3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

every improvement is worthy
is there a article available in difference between firmware 1.0 and where the ps3 is at now? How the XMB has developed over these past 2 years? I know it did alot, but its nice to see some comparisson!